Cute Baby Sea Turtles in The Maldives

Hey everybody, and welcome back to the Maldive we’re currently in Mali for the last couple of days you have been spending some time in Gulu Mali which is islands across the road. So we’re to come up early this morning. Because we’re going to do some sea turtle conservation today we have to go to one of the other iron first got to get some coffee we have about 20 minutes off airily there’s not really like a ferry terminal there’s just a whole bunch of boats there to stop yeah, and then we just jump on yeah hello I don’t know anyone this is kind of cool. So some of the volunteers have puts a little mark here on the sea turtle place I love it when volunteer places have this.

Cute Baby Sea Turtles in The Maldives Photo Gallery

So welcome to the sea turtle Conservation Center the reason we have poor little babies is that the issue in our eyes to give the locals like the heat pedals of death, and what they do is they put them in fresh water which turtles actually live in saltwater. So does it work to these guys actually kept in fresh water. So what they’ve done is we’ve collected them, and we’re currently getting them use of salt water before we release them back into the ocean doing a bit of a rehab between question salt water yeah, and a lot of the times this is like quite stressful on their body. So sometimes they don’t survive which is really really sad for these guys are going quite well at the moment this one’s pit, and it’s currently feeding time, and cleaning time depressing meanwhile we clean, and feed them, and then they go back into their little. So the trick is to try, and catch them these ones were kept by the locals, and now we’re just trying to throw them up to about 28 30 centimetres, and then once they’re that size we can then release them into stage two which we’ll show you later on today , and found Leon how behind style this green turtle I will sad seashell is concave Wow I think the issue with this one is that what results do is when they see a fertile come, and lay eggs they then take the eggs, and wait for the eggs hatch, and it’s a really fragile. So these are the type of things that can happen to the turtles when you’re passionate egg we’re so bad, and all the fun flies over bond. So we put them in here.

So we can feed them, and make sure they get the right amount of food, and then while we’re in there we clean out their taint we’re so cute this is the nursery, and these are so cute we’re still waiting them to grow at the moment I think they’re about 10 centimeters. So still have quite a bit of growing to go. But I can look at these guys a lot of resorts have kept them as pets. So that’s the reason now that they’re here trying to rehabilitate them ready to release them in the next few months comment how cute is the sky mm-hmm. So while they’re eating we’re going to be cleaning up their tank very hungry feeding time rafinha tuna, and these will be weighed out reserves do quite good no their buckets look super small at the moment that in like five minutes they should be back it can go giant I needed to grow big, and strong all right this one is Luna, and she was caught in a net, and as you can see she’s losing one of her fins he’s currently in rehab buoyancy rehab he avoiding the buoyant which goes back in the ocean yeah. So this one here, and this one over here they both have lots of a fever, and they’re in the same net as well as this guy. But this one only has scratches.

So luckily she kept all her flippers pink Olympians fear these guys need to go on a harness at the moment. Because they’re still learning how to be buoyant again seeing as they knowingly have three forces. So currently smart be eating she’s literally swallowing it whole wow you just said that with it me have a little token off, and they might wrap it around my body the messenger on their back, and then it came to talk about five minutes what all right this is Rashi, and he is ready he or she he he is ready to go on to the next phase of the rehabilitation good, I’ll get you in this will get you up this link says Rashi, and Aaron yes the stage two of the rehabilitation is we actually have a sea enclosure, and they put them out there for three to four weeks, and then they’re ready to be released back in a while Oh Oh haha haha Oh Oh all right now that we finished our morning Tartine out to breakfast how cool is this little restaurant right on the beach as well what is it again Mishima Schumi hahaha it’s not to say Rossi. So this is Rashi yeah that’s Matheny Masumi it’s like coconut, and tuna coconut tuna onion earns my college wow this is like a traditional male DV, and breakfast yeah it’s not mm-hmm that’s really good we’re going to check on the two little guys that we’re relieved me yes today we got food when you give them food as well we’re going to monitor you know how much they eat in the enclosure is for them to try, and hunt, and get adapted back into the feed the girls the second day, and probably a little bit hungry probably. But not sure what to do. So we’ve got snacks for them, I’m going to go, and feed them we got one, and is that – just there it was not happy come on we’ve got a much tighter one like that Wow look how clear the water is there’s the guys this is why you come to the Mel B to do your feet turtle conservation a little bit of a Sankei just over there, and it was a lot of reach back there as well captain has found us in Ireland all righty guys work is done for the day which means we have some spare time we finished up about two o’clock we had some lunch on the boat over. Because we’ve come to an uninhabited island here in the Maldives, and it’s really cool.

Because it’s an ex coral reef Research Center it kind of feels like we’ve come to Jurassic Park. But in Jurassic world when they go back to the like the resort. Because there’s like it’s abandoned right now feel like, I’m doing a bit of an exploring with Cody right now first of all this is a whale shark bone which has just been washed up onto the shore look at the size like that’s my feet that’s just one of the bones this looks like it was maybe part of or the back, and just it’s so humongous look sheer size of these things I could just like get swallowed whole. So got these little huts here which is great for us now coming after it’s been abandoned is a little bit dirty. Because they’re just left. So taken up shop here’s actually really nice like these chairs could be put into like a resort or something. So yes it’s pretty much we were going to chill for the rest of the afternoon super cool also.

Because there’s like an eco research lab we went into the lab, and found boxed-up eco-friendly sunscreen to get ourselves a little bit of a score here I was just looking around this little Hut, and I found some like really interesting facts here in 1960s plastic was found in stomachs of fifty or five percent 5% of seabirds today classic remains in about a 90%, and this quote really hit home plastic designed to last forever for products we just use once well really hope that’s not how burnt I am it’s just the camera doing an auto coloring. But we didn’t come to the Maldives to show you guys some abandoned places let’s go snorkeling guys our boat pickup has just come, and we just watch the sunset, and it is so beautiful. But I think here in the melodies once the Sun has gone below the point that’s when the true colors come out like a look at these is a bit more pink, and then that’s the sunset just over there, and that’s the little island we just spent whole afternoon on there was such a peaceful way to end our time here I didn’t want to let go did I what the professional end I let see the suppose it expert saying that they burn the coconuts, and they use them as like chopped oh that’s really interesting yeah. So hot I know especially with it already mean hot here. So, I’m gonna barbecue with all the fishery could be getting into it, I’m Jerry good guys it’s how last night, and this is so cool ending it having ml devian barbecue with the fish that everyone caught barbecued right there is good we’re ending the night with marshmallows, and we’re doin the Maldivian way with some coconut leaves legs made into a stick.

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