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You then turn left to follow it. After so much Iran Map Tourist Attractions cliff walking, it is quite a shock to be faced with such flat surroundings. The promenade Iran Map Tourist Attractions , such as it is, soon comes to an end, but it is replaced by a firm embankment path that you continue to follow towards Winchelsea Beach. This is a most pleasant walk, with fine prospects both to your right and left. To your left is Pett Level, the westernmost end of Romney Marsh, consisting of a broad flat expanse of reclaimed land that comprises marsh criss-crossed by drainage ditches and canals. Through it passes the so-called Royal Military Canal, which was constructed as a defensive measure in the early nineteenth century at a time when there was a very real fear of French invasion.

Before his death, George Smith appointed Volney Ferris undersheriff. This was not a position Volney wanted, but he accepted the position as something he simply had to do. After his friend’s passing, Volney assumed the role of Allegan County Sheriff.

George Smith’s death was a terrible blow for his wife and son. Not only did they lose a loving husband and father, they lost all means of financial support.

Volney Ferris did not forsake Lola or Leon after his good friend’s passing. One of his first acts as sheriff was to request every penny of his salary be turned over to George’s family. Lola and Leon were very grateful and Volney quickly became a hero in their eyes.

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