Ever since. I was a young little boy.

I dreamt being in an environment where. I was surrounded by palm trees incredible mountaintop. And civilians.

And waters, this is my wildest better Hawaii after being on the road for two months traveling Costa Rica. And Thailand Laura and. I enjoyed the rare opportunity to just be at home.

And best of all summer had just started he goes we caught up with some friends we hung out by the beach. And watch the sunset and. I bought a motorbike, this is my pride.


And joy the stealthy Turkey after about a week of beautiful Sun it was time to head off on our next adventure at 3:30 in the morning we grabbed our bags. And headed to the airport this was the beginning of an adventure like nothing else. So, you know how Starbucks always butchers people’s name what kind of done they really did it lura like when is Kristin Susan, you can’t put on your Instagram story.

And on here, you joke so. I know you’re now headed off to Oahu Wow, it’s just for excitement. I’ve never been to Hawaii in my entire life.

I’m very excited to go, it’s like the Southeast Asia of North America we will probably have like the comfort of good Wi-Fi. And beautiful surroundings. So.

I’m just like two things and. I say both that’s labeled don’t give me a little expensive obviously. I’m used to paying $3 per meal to, you know fifty dollars at most or accommodations here’s going to get pretty expensive luckily we found a couple sponsors here in there to help reduce the cost, but, you know women check to get on the flight.

I think he was like oh my gosh you’re Kirsten. And Laura even stage we actually have created a we exit out old prayer play the got a whole lot easier welcome to tropical paradise, this is the most beautiful place in the entire world a waffle boy okay all right let’s go the adventures begin. I haven’t told, you guys yet, but we are actually meeting with a couple other instagramers.

And I’m so excited about it one of them his name is Rob. I’ve been following him on Instagram for at least a year.

And a half now. And we’re meeting with his girlfriend. And her name is Kate.

I met Kate in London probably about a year ago maybe a bit less. I’ve never been here you’ve been here. I think a night for family vacation yeah what do we have, you follow me show me show me yes, this is our incredible view from the 22nd floor of Waikiki Park here in Honolulu.

And it just feels. So good to be here right now first order of business was to try the local food well. I don’t know.

I just don’t said of here we have. I’m saying to you. I yeah.

I thought that xie bowls were going to be super overrated. And just like that Instagram things that people do to take a photo, but it is one of the best meals. I’ve ever had, it’s raining raining rose petals.

And yourself Thank, you magical. So, it’s time to introduce, you to the man himself Rob struck us up is it stronger to stroke it shows the lore and. I have a little slogan for, you you feel free to take it on or not stroke the adventurer all right way behind your climax the thing it was the events it should.

I call my should. I call my fans with strokers that’s all you’re laughing from socks to really shoot this thing like that’s really where it me as soon as, you said that yes is much better oh my gosh this whaling parodist over definitely not for the casual day strollers we are currently scaling up the side of these routes up the side of this mountain like a speeder the lure is the bravest here we’re going to lead the way because if for, you, this is the best post ever okay what was it it was really good it’s so cold though.

And the difference between likes here in presentations when, you come out, it’s like not that hot and. So, it’s even colder, but the traffic how beautiful the scenery beautiful where’s Laura alright be ahead metamorphoses believe nature is greater now which one of those sexy Rises our son Rob earlier wants to go with the Nissan Versa, you never reverse’, you do, you two do really really yeah okay. So we rushed here we are now like this really beautiful residential area compliments of Ravi is showing us an incredible plot.

And right behind me is like one of the most unbelievable sunsets. I’ve ever seen hey, you like a car we should lock the car see. I can’t say the word both beautiful.

I feel like, you can just tell everyone here is local. And like they’ve got their barbecues their music definitely like the after work hangout spot. I just am.

So happy to be here right now having such a good time. And that pretty much wraps up the end of day one we’re going to head back to the hotel go get some good dinner. And probably get some sleep with hearty good parties go see some Mauro what is it laura’s just thinking where she can take a photo of it.

I can literally see your thought process. I know baby can, you fine. So Rob is taking us a little outside of Waikiki.

And we’ve arrived here at Island brew which is a nice little breakfast spot, you get waffles. I just ordered a breakfast wrap. And Laura got an acai bowl for the second time.

I assume there’s going to be many many more of these we’ve just pulled over at a few points on the start of the east side of the island here. And, it’s like a landscape. I’ve never seen before, it’s an incredible jagged rock base over the ocean you’ve got these incredible mountains.

And we’re now here with Kate Kate flew in from London last night Dean, you thought, you on my way towards me make a give. And take and. I know right now there’s a couple on the beach pieces like laying on each other.

And there’s a guy taking photos of it. And we’ve got like one of those light deflectors. I’m assuming he’s doing a big shoot for the Hawaiians to see our catalogue of 2018 because they’re like melt the melt right now he looks like he’s in harm’s way currently on his back waves crashing it scary scene, but luckily inital.

I wish. I could tell, you to go real real tight since Waimanalo a cool island over there that nobody’s allowed to go on, you know let’s go there Oh often local tourists for anything check it out just right over there. So beautiful.

And the newest guest on the adventure welcome, this is Kate Kate from the UK. I saw, you like a year ago in London. And now we’re Hawaii how.

I am in real, this is the real adventure here best place in the world. And my thing and. I’ve only been here for like a day.

And a half like Southeast Asia’s beautiful, but I’d be sweating right now. And here, it’s just like lovely breeze no humidity Claire the waters yeah, this is per day, you the incredible beauty of Hawaii, you can literally follow the main road from east to west and, you just find the most beautiful trails right now we’re following this road all along the coastline. And behind me here, you can see endless mountains.

And, it’s just. So beautiful here right now probably like a filmmakers dream to come here a bit too much there’s too much nice stuff going on and. I just want to film everything.

I might even go as far as falling in the most beautiful place in the world people get upset when I say that right because. I say too much about the facility yeah that’s like.

I say all the time to like oh this my heritage. I like, this is the coolest feature matific, you said that someone drive along this road get some other cool shots. And we’re going to hike up over there to a cave with the catch sunset there any perfect prime conditions for Sun sighs no kidding, you mr.

car company. And action. So we were just pulling over to do this hike we’re going to go check out a cave.

And a local stuff can, you actually warned us not to park back there we’re kind of like off the road a bit in a shaded area he was warning us that there’s a lot of break-ins in this area people just looking for fast ass. So they smash your window take your stuff. And then run away, but we parked here hopefully, this is a better spot we’re literally taking everything with us which for Rob that’s a lot of stuff is got like two full camera bag.

I think we’re using the girlfriend’s to our advantage Laurie are, you mewling right now no not wrong no mule stuff okay. I’ve got most of the baggage for today, but uh yeah today’s been like. So incredible a people are going to steal our stuff they’re probably the beauty yeah.

I have nothing to expect from this, but everything has been blowing my mind just, this is even if laws when, it’s just natural, this is the cool friend, it’s like one of the coolest landscapes we’ve seen yeah. I would definitely recommend hot light to anyone come say aloha to Hawaii Oh Mahalo me thank, you about all right guys therefore we’ve been climbing Mount Kentucky wiki. And we’re nearly at the summit we’ve been attacked by three doubles a gopher.

And okay let me know, but we’re having a fun time look at this view one time Wow got the Romanum here. I not mine drops but I just ordered one.

So I’ll happen in the mail oh, you ordered that one yeah. I ordered the same on Phyllis. So I’ll get to my steady footage for upcoming blow in my stock post come on come on, it’s the world’s finest landscapes incredible company one of the most unforgettable adventures of my life make sure to comment for Hawaii to the next post in this incredible theory you’re having a great time buddy stuff buddy bo-buds good stuff good time.

So one of the coolest things is we just got back to the RAM right behind me, you can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shore nothing is as magical is that when you’re getting ready for bed. So unbelievably lucky to be here at Waikiki Park Hotel is amazing if you’re new to the blog hit the comment button if you enjoyed this post hit the thumbs up button, you guys know how much it means to us it really helps us make more posts just like this one. And guys let’s get lost again in the next one well, it’s team get lost but.

I need something more suggestive, you know. We’ll think of something something will happen, but no not me that’s for, you okay well for me, you. ?

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