I figured I’d wear my favorite touristy Travel shirt for this post since this is 20 stupid tourist mistakes not to make now some of these are quite obvious others, you might not even think of, but let’s go through them all. So that, you aren’t a stupid tourist when you’re out traveling the world because no one wants that assuming Google knows the right address now like 90% of the time Google Maps is good.

And I’ll get, you where, you need to go, but anytime there is listed out instructions on getting to a place print out those instructions have those instructions with, you because there are a lot of like back alleys special doors. And specific ways to get places that GPS. And Google Maps can’t quite get, you to that exact location assuming service staff is there to serve, you different countries means different customs.


And mannerisms within those customs vary a lot. So sometimes when somebody might seem rude to, you in response to something or how they behave it honestly might just be their custom they might just be a more blunt more direct way of speaking that, you are not used to like in North America or really polite other parts of the world not so much assuming everybody can speak English now for most of the world, you can get by with English pretty darn good, but assuming that everybody will speak English everywhere, you go, it’s kind of a stupid tourist thing to do.

So, it’s always good to kind of brush up on a few key phrases having Google Translate with, you or a phrase book, it’s always a really good idea just in case, you get stuck in the situation where they don’t speak English not carrying toilet paper or tissues tissues work as toilet paper as well a lot of toilets around the world that, you are gonna be using a lot of public toilets don’t have toilet paper that’s not something that is a necessity to toilets. I know in North America toilet paper is like a duh, but, it’s really not neither is running water. So kind of have some of your purse you’ll need it later you’ll thank me not having change for washrooms believe it or not washrooms cost money around the world those can come as a surprise people who’ve never paid for a washroom, but it does make logical sense be because somebody needs to maintain that washroom.

And that cost money which then comes from, you the user of those washrooms. So having changed to use those washrooms kind of an important thing um then again if you don’t have change, you can always kind of ask the person behind, you in line. And they’re generally pretty nice about that.

And they’ll lend, you some change not having small change for tips especially when, you first drive into a country. And if, it’s a very tip heavy country having those small bills is really important right when, you get there because there’s a lot of awkward situations that. I’ve been in where.

I didn’t have small bills. And then. I felt really bad because.

I wasn’t able to tip because. I literally had either no money or no small bills. So not packing snacks especially if you have a dietary requirement having a few snacks in your bag is.

So crucial to not get the case of hangry. And no one wants to be hangry they’re just hungry angry no one likes that when you’re traveling. So just having some snacks when you’re kind of in between meals is a lifesaver buying the cheapest flight in 2017 the way that most airlines make their profits.

And the way that most airlines are now heading towards is the budget airline model where they kind of separate all the charges that, you are gonna pay for your fare. So their initial fare looks the cheapest which is one of the reasons when, you purchase it, but then they will charge, you for every little things the biggest 1 4 baggage. So while, you think, you might be booking the cheapest flight if, it’s $60 for a bag each way that’s a hundred.

And twenty dollars additional added on to your flight that, you don’t initially see when, you purchase your tickets that might not be the cheapest flight anymore really calculate all of the extra costs into your flight before, you select that airline also a quick side note. I actually did a whole post on how to book cheap flights I’ll just leave a link down below not arranging your hotel. And airport transfers when, you arrive off the plane how are, you going to get to your accommodation there are a variety of ways.

And a variety of prices that are associated with those ways. So research. And figure out what is the best price is it taking a hotel shuttle that’s the courtesy shuttle that the hotels provide is it taking a just generic shuttle that is available to, you is it taking an uber is it taking a cab or is it taking the public bus there’s a variety of ways poor accommodation location there’s a lot more to booking accommodation than just price location Location Location and, you will pay for that in the price if you don’t choose the right location meaning that if, it’s gonna cost, you a lot of money to get to the places that, you want to go to in places, you want to see is there restaurants.

And places to eat around your accommodation there have been many times where. I’ve booked cheaper accommodations. And found out that there is nowhere to eat where.

I was so. I was constantly having to go out to get food any time. I wanted to eat which was really annoying.

And it cost me a lot of more extra money planning things during meal times again with the hangry thing no one likes to be a hangry traveler. So if you’re planning activities that are gonna kind of go through a meal time either know where, you can buy food when you’re on that activity or pack food with, you because there’s nothing worse than being on a tour or seeing amazing sights. And all, you can think of is how hungry, you are.

And then, you get annoyed. And then, you get tired. And then, you get hangry dressing like a tourist now.

I feel like, this is one of the most obvious ones, but, it’s also one of the most important for safety reasons because when, you dress like a tourist yes stand out. So dress kind of like the locals don’t wear flashy things don’t carry your camera around your neck the entire time because those draw attention to, you and, you really don’t want that as a tourist again for safety reasons. So how do your camera tucked away when you’re not using it.

And then you’ll blend in a lot better buying souvenirs on day one. So, this is kind of a tricky one because obviously if you see a souvenir that, you love. And the beginning of your trip, you want to buy it, but if it is a larger souvenir or if, it’s a more fragile souvenir if you’re at the beginning of your trip just ship it home like.

So, you don’t have to deal with it in your luggage for the entire rest of your trip it’ll save you so much hassle really, it’s worth it in the long run of course if you can save your souvenir shopping to the end of your trip that’s better, but as, you know these things don’t always work out as we planned. So shipping remember, you can ship stuff flaunting your stuff in your hood tell or your car now what.

I mean by, this is actively packing away valuables. And stuff in your car in public spaces, you don’t want people to know that, you are now leaving your car with all of this luggage sitting there. So don’t pack those in the place that, you were parking pack those outside of the place that you’re parking same goes for hostiles if you’re sharing dorms, you don’t want to be taking out all your electronics.

And then packing them away in your hostel if there’s not going to be locked if, it’s locked that’s a different story. And they’re in lockers that’s fine, but if you’re just gonna like pack all your expensive or valuable things. And then just kind of leave it there how do, you know how well, you can trust those other people in your hostel, you don’t want to give thieves the opportunity to steal something for, you they might not set have set out to do that, but if they see an opportunity they might just take it.

So don’t give them that taking pictures of everything now. I know you’re really excited to be traveling to these places, but if you are gonna go around. And literally snap thousands of photos of every single thing on your trip when, you get home.

I guarantee it, you are not gonna want to go through those albums you’re not gonna want to sort through those photos because there will be literally thousands of photos. And in which case you’ve just wasted a whole bunch of time on your trip taking all these useless photos that you’re never gonna look at. And you’re never really going to use taking pictures of only the tourist spots, you kind of want to be in between of taking photos of everything.

And taking photos of only the tourist spots because they’re gonna be a lot more moments that you’re gonna want to remember that, it’s not just being at this one Monument or seeing this one Museum or site. So take a mixture of photos, but don’t go snap crazy. And don’t just take photos of tourist spots taking inappropriate photos in holy places in spiritual places in natural disasters.

And places you’re literally not allowed to take photos of don’t be that person nobody likes that person there were reasons why, you cannot take photos of that please respect that. And be a good person. And just observe with your eyes most of these places, you can find photos online much better than any of your sneaky gorilla photos will be breaking the law again this might seem like a duh, you don’t want to break the law, but, you really don’t want to break the law in other countries because other countries are rules.

And Punishment are very different than your own. So while something might seem like oh, you might get a slap on the wrist for that, you could go to jail for many many years. I’m not joking please research the rules.

And regulations to any country or visiting in regards to the locks there’s a lot of really weird laws that are not common where, you live, but in other places of the world that, you can get into trouble for respect that they are their own country that they have their own rules. And laws. And that should be abided by when, you are a visitor to that country assuming pedestrians have the right-of-way historians don’t always have the right-of-way in other countries in the world.

So it is your job as a pedestrian to know this. And to look out for cars yourself don’t just cross crosswalks assuming cars will stop for, you because there’s a crosswalk there doesn’t always work in places around the world. So uh don’t get hit by cars, it’s a pretty good tip.

I think haggling to the last dollar yes we all love getting a good bargain. And in many places around the world in markets. And in vendors they expect, you to negotiate they expect, you to barter.

And haggle, but there’s a degree of haggling. And bartering when you’re in these countries there is a level. And there’s a fine price point that they won’t go any further on.

And don’t get mad at them if they don’t want to budge theirs are probably a reason, it’s because that is how much the thing costs for them. And if you’re trying to negotiate that last dollar on these small little items like these are these people’s livelihood that last dollar we’re so lucky that last dollar might not mean a lot to us in the long run, but to them that can mean feeding their kids for the day especially in these poor country is that last dollar can mean a lot.

So please be respectful when, you are negotiating. And when you’re haggling. And don’t go all crazy rude.

And get swept up in it because these these are real people. And these are their jobs. And they’re their lives.

And they’re just trying to make a living for themselves. And their family all right. So there, you go that is my 20 student tourist mistakes not to make.

I hope that, it’s just enlighten you. So that, you will not become a stupid tourist now. I actually made a whole other post a while back about 25 rookie travel mistakes not to make there are another 25 more tips for, you if you are interested in the post is right there.

So, you can go click that. And check it out. And if you enjoy this post please give it a thumbs up.

And let me know down below in the comments if you’ve made any of these stupid tourist mistakes before. I won’t fault, you for it we’ve all been there we’ve all done that. And if you have any other mistakes that you’ve made let me know down below also don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog if you aren’t already cuz.

I do lots of other tips. And advice. And go follow me on Instagram.

I post lots of photos there okay I’ll see, you guys again in a few days time with another post bye. ?

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