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2108 South Blvd.

The Atherton Mill was built in 1893 as the Atherton Cotton Mills to produce cotton goods. It was the first mill established by the D. A. Tompkins Company under the leadership of Daniel Augustus Tompkins, one of the most well-known textile industrialists in the South. Tompkins played a role in building 100 cotton mills and support industries. He also established the Charlotte Daily Observer (now the Charlotte Observer), wrote books like Cotton Mill: Commercial Features (1899), which set the standards for mill housing designs and offered plans to help towns attract textile mills, and helped establish college textile programs at North Carolina State University and Clemson University in South Carolina. The Atherton Cotton Mills was the first industrial property in a planned factory district in Dilworth and its construction reflected the state of the emerging textile industry in the South. In 1893, it housed 5,000 spindles manufacturing yarn goods and just three years later, in 1896, operations were expanded to 10,000 spindles. The mill operated until 1933. The complex was then vacant until 1937, when it was taken over by J. Schoenith Company Inc., makers of candy, baked goods, and peanut products. The company operated there until the 1960s. There were a few tenants from the 1960s to the late-1990s, but it wasn’t until it was renovated in 2000 that it became a thriving mixed-use development that includes condominiums, retailers, and restaurants. The building still retains much of its original architecture and, as a testament to its history, there are plaques on the walls of the historic building that highlight the stories of the men who worked for the mill and helped develop the South End.

The former textile mill is now a historic collection of shops and restaurants.

The Spaniards govern in the Indies with all pride and tyranny Warsaw Map ; and like as when people of contrary nature at the sea enter into gallies, where men Warsaw Map are tied as slaves, all yell and cry with one voice, Liberta, liberta, as desirous of liberty and freedom, so no doubt whensoever the Queen of England, a prince of such clemency, shall seat upon that firm of Country, and shall be reported throughout all that tract to use the natural people there with all humanity, curtesy, and freedom, they will yield themselves to her government, and revolt clean from the Spaniard, and specially when they shall understand that she hath a noble navy, and that she aboundeth with a people most valiant for their defense. And her Majesty having Sir Frances Drake and other subjects already in credit with the Symerons, a people or great multitude already revolted from the Spanish government, she may with them and a few hundreths of this nation, trained up in the late wars of France and Flanders, bring great things to pass, and that with great ease; and this brought so about, her Majesty and her subjects may both enjoy the treasure of the mines of gold and silver, and the whole trade and all the gain of the trade of merchandise, that now passeth thither by the Spaniards only hand, of all the commodities of Europe; which trade of merchandise only were of it self sufficient (without the benefit of the rich mine) to enrich the subjects, and by customs to fill her Majesty’s coffers to the full.

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