Expanding Your Beer Taste Buds: Include Craft or Imported Beers

Beer, as some may say, is an acquired taste. For some, their first experience maybe wasn’t the best, and for others as soon as they took their first sip, it became the drink of choice. For those beer drinkers out there that enjoy a cold one, often you settle into a rut. Perhaps you have found the beer you enjoy drinking, and it’s readily available at many of the places go, or you have an established flavor for it. Now is the time to get yourself out of the same old beer blues and try something different.

Expanding Your Beer Taste Buds: Include Craft or Imported Beers Photo Gallery

Beer drinking is an experience. Usually, those that engage in drinking do it in a social setting. You go out with buddies to the bar, play some pool and make a night out of it. But, a quick visit to a local brewery can open up a world of flavors. Beer drinking doesn’t mean you drink to get drunk; it can be an excellent addition to meals that compliment flavors and be downright fantastic flavors.

If you are an established domestic beer drinker, as many in the US are, it can be a challenge dipping your toes into an import or craft beer. It might be that they sound delicious, but perhaps there are just too many to choose from and don’t know where to begin. After all who wants to buy $10.00 beer that may or may not taste good. The logic of many domestic beer drinkers who fondly quench their thirst with a Bud Light or Coors Light is why change when they are happy with what they have been drinking for years.

What most need to understand about craft or imported beers is they are distinct tasting. Unlike most domestic brands, crafts and imports are packed with flavor and often have a more solid consistency. Guinness is known for being one the thicker imported beers available, along with a few from Mexico. It is true there are thousands of options out there, and it’s good to not limit your beer experiences to just one “old faithful” drink. Explore the craft beer brewery options like New Belgium Fat Tire, Sam Adams Boston Lager, and NoDa Hop Drop n Roll. Get out of your beer comfort zone and try a drink that offers different flavors with a fruity twist. You might be surprised how much you enjoy the smaller microbrewery options available near you.

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