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Also dried birds’ heads, mushrooms, bottles of leaves, China travel cheap and slimy-looking things in oil; I tried some freshly-ground rose petals mixed China travel cheap with sugar which the herbalist assured me would be a tonic and keep me fit and strong. A CANOE ON LAKE KARAKOL Marco Polo, together with his father and uncle, had reached Kashgar in 1273. This was the second time that his father and uncle had come to China.

Their first journey there had happened by chance because they got detoured on a trade-expedition and ended up near the Black Sea. War broke out and made their return to Venice impractical, so they went east, reaching Persia and the Tartar kingdoms, where they met an ambassador of the Chinese emperor. He persuaded them to go with him to China and meet the emperor, the great Kublai Khan, one of the mightiest of all earthly kings.

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