Hello fellow travelers today. I’m back with some more travel hacks we’re going to be going through five of my personal favorite tips tricks.

And travel hacks to help save, you money on your travels these are things like how to not lose money on the cash, you currently have how to avoid spending your cash. And how to get cash back using Ebates let’s get started avoid currency exchanges because they never really could, you a good rate mainly because they are a business. So they need to make money.

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And that money comes from a cut of your money that, you are exchanging ATMs are the best way to get money out when, you are traveling abroad. And they are far more common than, you think just make sure that, you withdraw larger amounts of money. And make sure that, you aren’t getting charged by your bank a certain fee when you’re withdrawing that money definitely don’t take a big wad of cash with, you as, you go along exchanging it as, you move to each different country that’s not a good idea either because if you’re exchanging money more than once you’re going to be losing twice on the exchange rate one other things, you could do is go to your local bank.

And get some different denominations of the currencies that, you will be using before, you go cash is king when it comes to travel it is the most important thing, you will need. So, it’s really important to know how to manage. And access it properly.

And without getting charged or losing a lot of money get money back from your travel expenses using eBay Ebates is the world’s largest cashback website no seriously they’ve been around for 16 years cash back meaning that they give a certain percentage of your purchase back to, you in the form of cash there are over 1,800 stores to choose from including many major travel websites. So by using Ebates to book my flights hotels car rentals anything else. I’m gonna need on my travels.

I’m going to get a certain percentage of my purchases back to me in the form of cash. And since these are all big purchases even a small percentage can lead to a big amount of cash back. And these are already trips.

I’m going to be taking. And items. I’m already going to be buying.

So hey get paid for it now why, you get cash back. And how this works is that Ebates is an affiliate with the retailer’s meaning that they have worked out discounted deals. And coupons that gives them a commission each time Ebates sends a customer to make a purchase on their retailer’s website Ebates then shares that commission back with, you, it’s a win-win for everybody the retailer’s make money, you make money.

And Ebates makes money brilliant. And they also have a mobile version. And a chrome extension which is my personal favorite since it basically, you don’t have to stay on the website, you can just browse your normal browsing website ways.

And if there is discounts. And money to be made via Ebates it’ll give, you a little notification letting, you know how much percentage, you can save and, you get paid your cashback every quarter via a big fat check or PayPal they even have a payment schedule all outlined in detail on their website plus when, you sign up. And spend your first twenty-five dollars, you get a $10 welcome bonus.

And also since. I partnered with Ebates we are going to do a giveaway for, you guys it gals that’s right. I’m giving away a free $2.

00 MX gift card. And all. I need to do to enter is signed up for eBay.

And then you’ll be enter twin condos ends on March 18. So make sure, you click here or down below for complete rules. And details by all attraction.

And entrance tickets online instead of at the door two reasons for this going to the Vatican is probably the easiest example. I have of this. So when we went to the Vatican we pre buy our tickets prob about two days before online.

And at 8 a.m. we just walked up past the hundreds of people that were in line to buy tickets to enter.

And we just went through the prepaid ticket line. And walk right in weird like the first people we got to see everything really awesome we had no lines it was just such a better experience and, this is true with a lot of attractions there are many popular tourist destinations that are reaching capacity they can’t hold the amount of people that want to visit them. So it’s.

So so. So important that, you book your spot beforehand because, you definitely don’t want to be flying. And visiting the May country.

And then losing out on seeing one of the best sites because, you didn’t buy beforehand second booking things online a lot of times offers discounts. And who doesn’t like discounts saving money that’s what this posts about. So saving money on things that, you already want to visit, you were already gonna be paying for just save the money just booked it online time GPS did, you know that the GPS on your phone works regardless if you have a cell connection or internet, it’s just the maps they need a connection to load.

So if you want to use maps, but not pay for international data or a SIM card just load up the map of where, you want to go when, you have internet at wherever, you are on your phone beforehand make sure, you zoom in until, you see the street names the roads going in. And out that map is then saved onto your phone’s memory. So when, you are out about exploring.

And sightseeing all, you gotta do is look at your phone. And the GPS marker will tell, you where exactly, you are on the map. And the GPS marker will keep moving to tell, you where, you currently are, it’s just more like having a digital map on your phone with a, you are here button.

I’ve done this many times before never take an airport taxi they are literally the biggest ripoff in the whole travel game if you are getting approached by a cabbie at the airport chances are, you are gonna get charged. And extraordinarily large amount to get where, you need to go seriously in Panama City taxis were charging thirty five US dollars to get from the airport to my hostel now just outside the airport about a five 10 minute walk not even was a bus stop for a local bus a coach bus direct only two stops a dollar fifty a dollar fifty yeah. I know right worth it.

So before, you land make sure, you research the best ways to get downtown or where, you need to go beforehand trust me this will save, you a lot of cash. And unfortunately though if you have to take a cab look for official taxi booths in the airport that are already going to be set up as well as lineups that are set up with signs pointing to the taxi lines. And see if there’s anyone around around, you that is possibly going to the same destination as, you because chances are your hostel or hotel is grouped in an area where there are multiple other accommodations.

So see if anyone else is heading in that direction. And then, you can cherish nicking your cab ride even cheaper. So that’s it that’s all thank you.

So much for reading this post hope, you picked up some tips. And tricks to help, you save money on your travels anyways if you enjoy this post give it a thumbs up. And let me know it down below in the comments also don’t forget to sign up for email to enter my $300 giveaway details down below thanks for reading bye.

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