Seattle Metro Map

Yea, so it was, and so ’twas just Seattle Metro Map . It was his own; it was not mine. Far be it that I should repine Seattle Metro Map . The next morning we packed up to go home. We hated to say goodbye to our new friends from Hauntings Paranormal Research. They are a very professional and friendly group who were great to work with; yet, exhausted, it would feel good to be home. So Cheese Nose and I bid farewell and headed out.

I know we have said this before, but we are saying it again. Reviewing the material we collected was an arduous experience. There were literally hours upon hours of video and audio to go over. Hauntings Paranormal had a whole lot more than we did. It took weeks for all of us to get through everything.

Naturally the first thing to be reviewed were the photographs, then video material.

Nothing was discovered. Rarely do photos and video produce evidence; yet, there have been times, so everything is carefully examined.

Seattle Metro Map Photo Gallery

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