With a total population of 142,000, situated on the Salzach river, Salzburg, is both an economic and a cultural center. It is the Capital of the Province of Salzburg.

Salzburg ranks among the most popular tourist, attractions all over the world: it is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the venue of the world-famous Salzburg Festival (taking place every summer), its architecture is a blend of medieval, Baroque and modern elements, it is a renowned cultural center due to its Easter Festival, the Whitsuntide Concerts and the Summer Festival.

The Fortress of Hohensalzburg (the former seat of the prince-archbishops) rises high over the roofs and belfries of the town. The city is regarded as one of the world’s most pictoresque places because of its beautiful streets with their wrought iron signs, its large squares with sulptured fountains and noble buildings.

The nearby Salzkammergut, a region characterized by beautiful Alpine lakes and high mountains, attracts also numerous tourists.

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