You are curly. And the largest NFL state of today you’re standing inside 3 million sperm into space mostly the Penn State up right now are about a million square feet sore about three times bigger than any other NFL static right now now you’re also the world’s largest dome structure in the world and.

DALLAS Texas USA Photo Gallery

I say dome structure you’ll notice there’s no call up someone of the roof system to major arches that cut through the building that supports the whole roof because of that root system there’s no obstructed views, you can see there’s not a bad seat a lot of sweaty men who live here pretty much walk to the Lots your favorite all worried right in the car did it cuz it sounded like it kind of hurt are, you directing them at Alice’s you’re also attractive Abby what did, you just say. I said the F word. And how do, you spell it mi ne.

So what’s your punishment down in the middle of a store nadir serious guys what was in the middle of the store mechana d that’s enough until next time. I get, you tell thanks to my say that way yeah its elected. So how do, you feel about your uh your game today Ian’s not enough to where the game about what just let me get up its fiery romance me off me all three pies we could have no okay great we’re not singing deposit it is the memorial site for Shana Peggy is one of them for this message in this next one the building behind me is actually a museum dedicated to John Kennedy.

And all the things that happens here Dallas on that day. I time jump into the arena jobs can be right on the whistle blows how the Reds recommend. I love people think you’re porca what are, you doing.

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