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E. 4th St. and Queens Rd., Hermitage Rd. and Queens Rd.

Streetcar waiting stations are, as the name suggests, stops along the former streetcar line. Edison Electric Company Inc. granted a $40,000 contract to the Charlotte Consolidated Construction Company, or Four Cs, to build an electric streetcar system in 1887. The first streetcar traveled from Independence Square at the corner of Trade and Tryon Streets in Uptown. The original trolley system had two lines that ran from Uptown to the streetcar suburbs of Elizabeth, Dilworth, and Plaza Midwood. As Myers Park developed, a streetcar line into the neighborhood was constructed. It was completed in 1912 and entered the neighborhood of East 4th Street and Queens Road, where the first waiting station was built. The second station was completed shortly thereafter. Streetcar service terminated on March 12, 1938, but the waiting stations were left, intact. The streetcar waiting stations have been preserved as points of architectural interest, marking the nowurban neighborhoods that were once viewed as suburbs. Without the streetcar lines, several of the most prominent neighborhoods in Charlotteoften referred to as the streetcar suburbsmight never have been developed.

Streetcar waiting stations served as stops along the former streetcar line, which ran from 1887 to 1938. They have been preserved as architectural points of interest.

If any Confederate Lord neglects or refuses to attend the Confederate Sapporo Map Tourist Attractions Council, the other Lords of the Nation of which he is a member shall require their War Sapporo Map Tourist Attractions Chief to request the female sponsors of the Lord so guilty of defection to demand his attendance of the Council. If he refuses, the women holding the title shall immediately select another candidate for the title. No Lord shall be asked more than once to attend the Confederate Council. 19. If at any time it shall be manifest that a Confederate Lord has not in mind the welfare of the people or disobeys the rules of this Great Law, the men or women of the Confederacy, or both jointly, shall come to the Council and upbraid the erring Lord through his War Chief. If the complaint of the people through the War Chief is not heeded the first time it shall be uttered again and then if no attention is given a third complaint and warning shall be given. If the Lord is contumacious the matter shall go to the council of War Chiefs. The War Chiefs shall then divest the erring Lord of his title by order of the women in whom the titleship is vested. When the Lord is deposed the women shall notify the Confederate Lords through their War Chief, and the Confederate Lords shall sanction the act. The women will then select another of their sons as a candidate and the Lords shall elect him. Then shall the chosen one be installed by the Installation Ceremony.

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