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I had scarce done thinking, when an Indian-like Houston Metro Map Animal come to the door, on a creature very much like himselfe, in mien and feature Houston Metro Map , as well as Ragged cloathing; and having ‘litt, makes an Awkerd Scratch wth his Indian shoo, and a Nodd, situ on Ye block, fumbles out his black Junk, dipps it in ye Ashes, and presents it piping hott to his muscheeto’s, and fell to sucking like a calf, without speaking, for near a quarter of an bower.

At length the old man said how do’s Sarah do? who I understood was the wretches wife, and Daughter to yr old man: he Replyed as well as can be expected, & c. So I remembred the old say, and suposed I knew Sarah’s case. Butt bee being, as I understood, going over the River, as ugly as bee was, I was glad to ask him to show me ye way to Saxtons, at Stoningtown; wch he promising, I ventur’d over wth the old mans assistance; who having rewarded to content, with my Tatter tailed guide, I Ridd on very slowly thro’ Stoningtown, where the Rode was very Stony and uneven. I asked the fellow, as we went, divers questions of the place and way, & c. I being arrived at my country Saxtons, at Stonington, was very well accommodated both as to victuals and Lodging, the only Good of both I had found since my setting out.

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