Hey frog we got blue skies we haven’t seen police guys in a few days that’s exciting, and we’re just going off to have some breakfast a full heading out. So let’s go get some breakfast, and goodbye Steve you ready you hungry no breakfast my favorite word we’re inside a cave you seen mm-hmm look at it what’s a cave this is so cool there’s an underground breakfast today we’ve cleared a plane I think who are the late for breakfast or you smell we have just checked out of our room had some breakfast, and now we are just going to go on a little Instagram mission.


Because we are not meeting up with our group did you tell them about us yeah yep do not meet up with our group till about 4 o’clock let’s check in at the night accommodation we needed some cash. Because we don’t be walking around. Because the trams are so cheap we went to the ATM, and we just put into like a little currency converter we just need about 40 Australian went about 600 of that check my ink, and on the ATM the preferred amount is chiefest amount you could get out that they recommend it you know when you go into an ATM is use like 20 40 60 50 100 it’s it’s six thousand I was like as the currency converter correct, and are almost when it clicked it luckily we double check 6000 is 380 dollars why is the preferred ATM $380 6 per day after hell I spent that rich with the conversion how cute this building it’s pink definitely taking a photo of this one there’s yellow yeah yellow right there as well, and a green right next to it the houses here are really really colorful that’s what the money looks like I think it’s good check check I think that’s how you do it kourin check one hundred checks maybe no no probably not know about that. So guys you normally see we don’t drink red ball. But when we’re walking in the shop it costs a dollar twenty, and you can’t say no that’s the cheapest Red Bull I’ve ever purchased, and we’re going to do a lot of walking today. So little things excite us so much, and love being in a country where our money goes. So far if you guys want to travel your achievement come to the Czech Republic your money goes very far she don’t know where we’re heading.

But there’s souvenir stores everywhere, and there’s a lot of tourists everywhere. So I think we’re central tour essentials where we are yeah. But this uh products a beautiful city like, I’m enjoying it it’s so different to France this is really colorful rather than Paris being. So white yes it’s like come to this big square here with some very beautiful buildings around. But the main reason we’ve come here is to go up this thing it’s called old town Town Hall, and it has some really nice scenery from the top I can actually see people up there now taking their photos. So we want to go out there take some photos of the beautiful rooftops over beer that’s our first stop of the day. So we’re gonna see how much it is to go up, and it has a clock on there, and then it’s currently quarter to twelve if you’re interested yes we had a sleep all right he’s old town town pool are oh my goodness is that a lot well this is the Town Hall.

But now, I’m thinking that we might have a gigantic lion let’s see there is large group of people, and find out looks like the big group is actually here to watch the clock go up it is a cool-looking Club it looks like an astronomical clock I see the young staff signs there, I’ll show you see that’s the club here, and then we’ve got a big crowd here. So. But I think we’ll wait I think we’ll wait, and let’s check out what looks like they’re serving people awaiting you want to wait to see what does the clock test luckily again look there’s no line to the actual building. So that’s good how much was it 20. So that’s 2 4 6 8 10 12 $6 to Nagoya mana got – we should go. Because this is the only place we’ll go with a with a view from the top all the way up there we’ll get a view Oh what is going to happen alright we’re now going to go to the top of this tower the old town town for, and see bird’s-eye view of prague as you can see bird’s-eye view of how interesting is the clock on a scale of just, I’m just saying. Because of the crowd was so big as expecting fireworks we got on at all what is that skeleton ringing about god I took it, and obviously to try find the entrance I love this area I don’t know what it’s called. But it’s like a big square area, and Old Town’s right up here whole town halls. So um have a look on the map you see over here you should come down here. Because it is really lots of shops lots of souvenir places lots of places to eat, and food here it’s so nice, and cheap.

So I actually think we might splurge tonight, and go somewhere for dinner which we haven’t done for ages this is tres the bees love clear, and they keep attacking her that’s beautiful oh my gosh this is awesome all these bushes oh well look at these rooftops I think this is a fish officially the best place to see it a view of prague this is beautiful you see. So far out such a nice day, and down below there you can see the that’s the square we were at just before. But that is so beautiful I love like the terracotta colored rooftops that’s so nice where are they why whoopsie I break the rules already this is gorgeous how pretty is Prague pretty I love the time yeah such nice some views of Prague I definitely recommend going up there next what we’re going to use Charles Bridge Charles Bridge, and I’ve seen some really pretty photos from there. So we’re gonna go check it out. But still kinda get over how colorful these buildings are like look at that. So cool Stevens are taking more photos what is it oh yeah let’s go down there it’s very busy, I’m just trying to find where this iconic photo is taken from yeah I seen quite a few photos now, I’m feeling it’s like down there on the grass over there do you what it’s like not on the ridge if you’re off the ridge at all. But walk across it so much music, and street performers here in Prague I think this is like a sore thumb whose knee today we found some really cute places to eat lunch thought I think we’re going to go back to. But, I’m we’ve just come down to the water to take a photo of the city with the bridge which is charles bridge it looks like this. But hey this is a really cute spot for a photo this is the cute little lunch spot, and they were selling pumpkin soup we’re gonna try that out sorry cute look at this on the water we’re just gonna have to shake it up shake ups there’s not much room do you see the pumpkin soup on the menu.

So nice for I see a whole lot of me this is so cute now is so much bread Wow exciting about it sitting in separate tables sister cute to sit inside that was the problem Wow I don’t think we needed it by those extra ships Dave no we’re so much yeah yeah this suit looks. So good oh my gosh this is only four dollars, and the chips are only two dollars well I see you Cleo’s Yarmouth smells delicious I think on consumers one of my favorite soups. So good all the autumnal colors coming out to play here in Prague terminal like autumn ottoman or is the word, I’m googling this when I get home vamanos vamanos vamanos what’s of its summer summer Ramadan it’s like saying I’ve got a lot of time men or colors or tammana clothing or tamino makeup human what animal what animal or terminal where I don’t think this is right away Steve there’s a gate, and we want to get onto this hmm we’ll work this out tiny cute little road along the water Oh Steven this road is very autumnal the word of the day I told when you reach the point where you we’ve just found this island, and it’s a really really cute view of the city like one of the best I’ve seen. But I couldn’t say it maybe debts heels drop I quickly got the name to show you guys what we’re going over the bridge now we just gonna take us to come on Vegas Oh cursed I hate the focusing anyway we found this bridge that takes us over to this cute like you said look cute oh it is cute. So this cute island here, and it has amazing views of the city really colorful buildings wow there’s like a little restaurant, and then you can go into the park we use it Ireland yeah I think this is a really pretty life views of the city Stephen taking these fodeez already it looks like it might be blocked off we’ll go down, and read the signs. But maybe it’s only for residents your people that live in the area.

But these colors are so pretty or tunnel. So pretty oh yeah yeah oh there’s a named etske ostrov. But we can’t go in it’s so nice why can’t we go in it’s so pretty. So it’s gonna go over that bridge then let’s see if we take photos of those houses yeah the most colorful houses we’ve seen yet all along in a lion drop uh-huh again I wanted to tell you the name of the bridge. But, I’m just don’t know how to say it maybe Jerris scarves most most dearest sku most anyway just in case you’re interested this is the bridge here we’re now on the bridge, and as you can see the building’s behind us oh in front of us a story colorful. So I think we’re about to go, and take a lot of photos here yeah we’re slowly making a circle way back to our hotel. So we can go grab our bags, and meet up with our two are in a few hours remember definitely gonna take some photos here story pretty the bridge, and look at this street how funky that building down all different colors beautiful square place it’s even busier than this morning, and we’re heading down to go get our bags this is other thing that we’ve noticed on the streets it’s like really weird street performers, I’ll show you he reminds me of like a Dementor, and Harry Potter or something you defeated I don’t know what they’re doing what it is.

But it’s as people under sheets for a long time the no idea. But it goes on like this for hours, I’m not sure let’s just show me that line not sure where that one all right Steve. So you get our bags thank you I swear you’re a blog that loves to have these huge Schiele Steve I guess mr. on the ground it’s like look that’s how steep it is if you can tell. So we just got into our hostel if the lady who checks us in does not say can I check you into the check-in, I’m not staying the night he stole my joke what was your joke it was different to mine are you guys we just checked into the check-in you did not say we’re taking you in sweet let’s check it out give you guys a quick room tour this is a hostile that we’re staying with staying in yeah we got a bathroom with a shower, and yeah cuz there’s a hostile we just pretty much stayin in bunk beds yeah it’s good oh yeah always the view we yeah it’s nice. So we’re just gonna chill out I don’t think we’re going to go out tonight. Because we just a bit of cooped.

But yeah we’ll chill up ah just had a shower good fresh put our bags away, and we were just talking to our tour guide um the one that’s gonna be speaking us around here on buss Alps, and well asking her how many people were on our tour, and my guess was gonna be 50, and how many people did you think I thought 40 max there’s a hundred, and forty-five people in our – oh wow 145 people this beats all records this is insane, I’m pretty sure we booked out this entire hostel for everyone everyone there are three buses that are going to be taking us around three buses 60 guides nine days it’s gonna be I was like we’re not even gonna get to know everyone’s names I know. So many people just enough people some people, and be like you can be our friends now, I’m like wow. So many people it’s like school we’re going to Jayant school excursion hundred forty-five people in the meantime we’ll take iPhone we up to you we’ll put a link to in the description below. So you can see the exact tool we’re doing it. So where all the countries win it going to northern aloof, and maybe we might come to your country. So we are in Prague for the next couple of days, and then yeah I don’t know where we’re going you see the Berlin or Amsterdam one of those to which it was closed up I don’t freak would we make European map. But um yeah we just settled in, and our crazy night is gonna consist of laundry, and my go to the grocery store get a cheeky snack, and we might check this in we get a free drink at the bar.

But um yeah maybe we’ll do it tomorrow let’s read it’s one small beanie that one’s not beer, I’m sorry, I’m not the biggest beer drinker alright thanks for reading guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow in our first day with Buster Alps in Prague oh yeah, and please you know yeah we go to people for people. So it’s actually gonna be the – a guide in us three John oh I had too much she was snoring last night I should have posted that I never snow by the way. So no I was a one-off snow yeah oh yeah worst persons traveling all right guys thanks for reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow, and Prague good night bye.

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