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AEGEAN FERRIES. Companies such as Superfast Ferries (US ®954-771-9200; offer routes across the Adriatic and Ionian Seas from Ancona and Bari, Italy to Patras and Igoumenitsa, Greece. Eurail is valid on certain ferries between Brindisi, Italy and Patras, Greece. Countless ferry companies operate these routes simultaneously; websites such as list various sched ules. See specific country chapters for more info.


Biking can be a very enjoyable way to explore Western Europe. Many airlines will count your bike as your second free piece of luggage; a few charge extra (up to US$110 one-way). Bikes must be packed in a cardboard box with the pedals and front wheel detached; airlines often sell bike boxes at the airport (US$10). Most fer ries let you take your bike for free or for a nominal fee, and you can always ship your bike on trains. If your touring will be confined to one or two regions, renting a bike beats bringing your own. Some youth hostels rent bicycles for low prices. In Switzerland, train stations rent bikes and often allow you to drop them off else where; check train stations throughout Europe for similar deals.

EQUIPMENT. In addition to panniers to hold your luggage, you’ll need a good hel met (from US$25) and a U-shaped Citadel or Kryptonite lock (from US$30). For equipment, Bike Nashbar, 6103 State Rte. 446, Canfield, OH 44406 (US® 800-627- 4227;, beats all competitors’ offers and ships anywhere in the US or Canada. For more info, purchase Europe by Bike, by Karen and Terry Whitehill. (US®800-553-4453; US$14.95.)

BIKE TOURS. If you’d rather not strike out on your own, Blue Marble Travel (Can ada® 519-624-2494; France®42 3602 34; US®215-923-3788; offers bike tours throughout Europe for small groups of travelers ages 20-49. CBT Tours (® 800-736-2453; offers full-package biking, mountain biking, hiking, and multisport tours (US$1500-2500) to Belgium, the Czech Repub lic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland, and Swit zerland. Cycle Rides (UK®012 2542 8452; offers various one- to two-week tours throughout Europe. EURO Bike and Walking Tours (®800- 321-6060; gives dozens of six-day to five-week bike tours across Central and Western Europe.

It could become muddy in wet weather. REFRESHMENTS: Pubs Best european countries to visit at Emsworth, Chidham (off route) and Bosham: cafes at Emsworth and Bosham. Surely Best european countries to visit , the conventional wisdom has it, the best waterside walk in Sussex should be alongside one of the great Sussex rivers, such as the Arun or the Cuckmere. Certainly a stroll beside these waterways is pleasant, peaceful, picturesque and rewarding. However, such walks do not boast the great variety of scenery, wildlife and history that can be enjoyed by a walk round Chichester Harbour. The walking is very easy, the footpaths always clear and well defined, and you have as your ultimate objective one of the prettiest villages in Sussex.

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