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If there is one piece of fishing tackle synonymous with canal fishing, it must surely be the long pole. Some things in life were just made for one another: is it any coincidence that our standard long pole measures in at between eleven and thirteen metres, pretty much bang on the width of our typical canal?

In the right hands, it is a deadly method. Those without a pole are missing out on our canals. Perhaps we should start by dismissing a few cliches: pole fishing takes a little getting used to but is not a difficult method. Nor is it for small fish only. Modern poles are far stronger as well as lighter than those we once used, and are commonly used for species such as carp and tench. They are also cheaper, and a decent quality pole is now an affordable reality for any angler.

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Why is a pole regarded as the ‘go to’ method for so many canal anglers? Put simply, there are things you can do with a pole that you would never manage with a rod and reel. Because there is no reel or casting involved, pole tackle can be exceedingly sensitive and delicate. It offers total control, whether that means keeping your bait still in a breeze, plumbing the depth accurately or hitting the shyest bite from a roach or skimmer. With a pole, you can lower a bait right beside a tempting-looking snag or introduce a ball of groundbait as accurately as you could have placed it by hand. All these factors add up to an extremely effective method.

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