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I am in Paraguay, and here are my personal tips on things to do in Asuncion and Encarnacion that you can use when you come to visit. So the first thing you should do is check out the old town of Asuncion. Asuncion is one of the oldest cities in South America, and the longest continually inhabited area in the Rio de la Plata bassin. Also known as the Mother of Cities, as it was from Asuncion, that the colonial expeditions departed to found other cities, including the second foundation of Buenos Aires. Because it is so hot in Paraguay, you should definitely take it easy. And to cool down, you need to drink the traditional Tereré, and this is why Patricia is with me and she will explain to you how it’s done and what it is.

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Do you like it? Muy bien! Patricia: Perfect. Now it’s your turn. A walk along the costanera is another relaxing activity and this on the other side of the river, is Argentina. If you’re hungry, you should come to the Lido Bar, which is an institution in Asuncion. I just ordered something which looks like the stuff a la probe you get in Chile. Like in all countries of South America, football plays an important role also in Paraguay. So if you get the chance you should visit a football match when you are in Asuncion. So we’re here today to visit the match at the Copa Libertadores between Cerro Porteño and Santa Cruz. All right guys, final result, for Cerro Porteño. And with this result, they are in the next round of the Copa Libertadores and we are ready to drink some beers, right? All right, so we finished this day with a mojito at Casa Clari, where we can see the Placio de López at night. Cheers, Alex. Alex: Cheers. Good game.

Now I’m seven hours south of Asuncion, in the city of Encarnacion, which is the most popular tourist destination in Paraguay, especially in the summer. Encarnacion is located in the south end of the country and has become the tourism capital with its wide beaches and newly completed waterfront boardwalk. It is also the carnival capital of Paraguay with a yearly celebration in February. Another reason to travel to Encarnacion, are these ruins at nearby Trinidad. This is the most popular tourist attraction of Paraguay and also the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the whole country. La Santisima Trinidad de Paraná was one of the last Jesuit reductions to be built in the Paraná River area, encompassing southern Paraguay and northern Argentina.

Originally constructed in, the intended self-sufficient city came complete with a central meeting plaza, a large church meeting house, a school, several workshops, a museum, and housing for the local Indian population. Elson saw me flying the drone, and so he made it possible so we can go up on the tower, then we can fly the drone from here. Now I’m at the next site called Jesus, it’s where the other ruins are and of course I will now prepare the drone to show you this place from above. Enjoy. Jesús de Tavarangue was another Jesuit Reduction close to Trinidad. The massive mission church was being built as a replica of a church in Italy, but was not completed. It would have been one of the biggest churches of the time, with a central structure of by meters. All right. That’s it from Paraguay. If you have been here and you have some more tips to share with us, then leave them in the comment section below. If you want to come and visit, then don’t forget to check out my travel guide. And finally, if you haven’t already done so, comment to this blog to travel around the world with me every Thursday. Saludos from Paraguay and see you next time.

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