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So welcome to a brand new series both lifts well, it’s not actually called list there is no name for this series so. I figure I’d kick start this series off with one of my favorite island in the world that.

I know very very well. And that is this small little Caribbean island of Tobago part of Trinidad. And Tobago that one right there that is framed on my wall.

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So here are some of my top 10 picks of things to studentsí in Tobago site business. And nylon pool now the nylon pool is a shallow white ground coral pool that is literally out in the middle of the ocean. I mean, you can walk out less than waist high on soft sand.

And warm Caribbean waters no joke, you do got to take a boat to get out there, but when, you are it feels like you’re walking in the middle of the ocean now it is the number one tourist attraction. And thing to do in Tobago. And that is for a reason because it is such a unique thing to do that this island of Tobago can offer.

So highly recommend visit Pigeon Point Heritage Park the very famous Pigeon Point Heritage Park it is among the most recognizable places to visit in speckle, you can instantly see why, it’s got pristine beaches like some of the whitest sand in Tobago mean there are multiple colored sand beaches in Tobago, but, this is where all the white coral sand is not to mention in a ton of watersports. And a lot of life family-friendly beaches. So you’ve got like sheltered beaches because, it’s on the Caribbean side and, you can also have the windier aspect of it which offers a lot of watersports.

So lots of things to do there exploring this Tobago name rich Ford’s reserve right in the middle of Tobago is a Tobago man Ridge Force Reserve which is the oldest legally protected force reserve in the Western Hemisphere here, it’s specifically toward a conservation purpose goodbye tropical fruits there are no farming allowed here at all. And the climate is quite different to the coast of Tobago because this one’s kind of in the central part of all of Tobago. So, you can go hike there or, you can go bird-reading yes Newton Gorge is like big premier Tobago bird watcher this guy is a legend he can see birds from miles away with no binoculars he is just.

So good at spotting birds. And tobago has a lot of birds order one of my favorite things. And that’s go to no man blend the no-man’s land is actually a split of white coral sand stretching out in front of the bond accord Lagoon there’s a tiny bit of history of white skull no-man’s land, but basically, it’s a contested piece it lasts now there are a couple ways to get there, you can get there by boat a lot of tour operators will take, you over or, you can drive through the lagoons.

And the marshes activities go diving either Kerouac or Speyside seriously Tobago has some of the best diving sites from around the world that actually holds the largest brain coral in the world now. I didn’t personally get to go down to it because. I wasn’t at the degree like.

I don’t have the diving certificate required to go to the brain core, but but, it’s got some wicked awesome dive sites on both sides of the island offering very different vegetation. And Wildlife go stand-up paddleboarding. So for those who might be intimidated by watersports.

I introduce, you to stand-up paddleboarding it is super easy to get the hang of a lot of people to do it, you don’t need to be like super physically fit a little bit of balance is kind of required, it’s an awesome fun thing to do to see the island, you can do it on the ocean or, you can do it inland. And some of the rivers or, you can do the best stand-up how boarding of all. And that’s the bioluminescence in the bottle cord lagoon oh my goodness now.

I can’t actually show, you a bioluminescence looks like because. I was literally unable to capture it on my camera bioluminescence is the production. And emission of light by a living organism that’s right, you were paddling through the water.

And there are these living organisms that will light up as, you paddle or, you swim in it it is. So magical just imagine avatar on in real life. And that’s the experience, you get when, you do a bioluminescence than a paddleboarding tour not only places in the world have the perfect conditions to allow, you to do that, but Tobago does go for a horse ride in the ocean.

So healing with horses is a nonprofit organization that does therapeutic riding leadership training. And riding since for differently abled children they’re a really cool group of people and. I take, you horse riding in the ocean no.

I am not even joking, you. And when I was riding my horse in the ocean.

I had an eagle ray come up in between the horses yes there’s one the scariest most awesomest moments of my life they also do natural riding which is fabolous riding which is an experience go to Sunday school. So Sunday school is a street party that takes place in Baku every Sunday night down by the harbor, you have people of all ages kids teenagers seniors people are dancing some people are having some rum punch you’re eating great food you’re listening good music. And, it’s just an all-around pretty fun time.

So highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Tobago on a Sunday kisara kisara is a beautiful part of the island it is a small village that is kind of developed. And built themselves into the eco-resort capital of Tobago there are Kiko resort places to stay there is an amazing Beach, it’s just super fun cute small town that is just simply gorgeous, you have the castara waterfall which is waterfall event reading the Carib great race, this is an epic high speed boat race from Trinidad to Tobago ending in a Scarborough Harbor seriously the winner is the first person to Tobago which last year took a total time of an hour. And 20 minutes it is just like a really cool fun spectacle that.

I’ve never seen before. And super fun to watch tanked part in the Heritage Festival activities. So the Tobago Heritage Festival is an annual event that’s created to preserve the unique cultural.

And traditions of speck oh. So, it’s over the course of two weeks. And there’s a variety of fun culture activities that take place in the various villages around Tobago.

So it kind of moves all around to showcase. And bring people to various parts of the island one is clothing to learn with Tobago is that most of the visitors that visit are actually from Trinidad. And Tobago like, it’s a lot of low vacations.

And people seeing. And exploring different parts of the island. So, it’s they kind of take, you around.

And focus on activities in the various parts. And there, you go. I hope you’ve learned a little bit more about the Caribbean island of Tobago.

So if you enjoy this post please give it a thumbs up. And let me know down below in the comments if you enjoy this series. And what destinations you’d like me to cover next as well as don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog if you aren’t already as.

I post travel advice. And posts all the time Okies happy travels bye. ?

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