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211 East Blvd.

There are other homes in Dilworth that are as beautiful as the Walter Brem House, but few are as historic. The symmetrical facade, multiple columned porches, and ornate front doors make the home one of the earliest and finest examples of Colonial Revival architecture in the city. Charlotte’s first architect, Charles Christian Hook, designed the house in 1902 for Walter Brem and Hannah Caldwell Brem. The couple paid $6,045.86 for the home and lived there until 1912 when they bought a smaller home just one block away. The home was vacant for a period before being sold to Regger D. Craver in 1914 for $9,000. Craver was one of the largest individual theater owners in the South and considered a pioneer in the motion picture business in the Carolinas. In 1931, during the Great Depression, the home was sold at a foreclosure sale. It had several owners in the coming years until Mae King Blume purchased the home; she converted it into apartments and lived in one of the units until the 1980s. It was then converted back into a single-family home and is still maintained as a private residence.

Should any person, a member of the Five Nations’ Munich Subway Map Confederacy, specially esteem a man or woman of another clan or of a foreign nation, he Munich Subway Map may choose a name and bestow it upon that person so esteemed. The naming shall be in accord with the ceremony of bestowing names. Such a name is only a temporary one and shall be called A name hung about the neck. A short string of shells shall be delivered with the name as a record and a pledge. 68. Should any member of the Five Nations, a family or person belonging to a foreign nation submit a proposal for adoption into a clan of one of the Five Nations, he or they shall furnish a string of shells, a span in length, as a pledge to the clan into which he or they wish to be adopted. The Lords of the nation shall then consider the proposal and submit a decision.

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