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The sadder trivia buffs in the party can try and work Corpus Christi Subway Map out when, if you continued walking anticlockwise round the English coastline, you would next meet cliffs Corpus Christi Subway Map that were as high. Without wanting to give too much away, it’s a fair way on from here. At length, after a wonderful clifftop promenade, you reach another gate. You make your way through it and to begin with you find yourself on a narrow path between fences which widens into a broad stony drive, with the sea to the right and houses to the left – the first habitations since you left Hastings, which will seem a long time ago now. You make your way confidently downhill until you reach Shepherds Way coming up from the left. Although there seems to be a way ahead, subsidence has effectively made further direct cliff-edge progress impossible.

We believe that an investigation should be conducted around the time and in similar conditions as paranormal activity is most commonly reported. If it occurs in broad daylight or at night when the lights are on, investigate then and in similar lighting conditions. Since reports of strange phenomena have occurred at the jail all times of the day and night, a daytime investigation should work out well.

We pulled into the parking lot outside the old jail just about the time Lorena Wygant and two members of her team, Dawn and Jessica, arrived. It was really nice to see them again. We would have huddled, chatting in the parking lot for a while but the investigation would be short so we headed directly into the museum. Welcoming members of the Allegan Historical Society, Laura Ann and Helen, met us.

After introductions, Laura Ann took us on a tour of the facility that began at the front of the building, which is the area designated as the sheriff’s residence. We have to applaud the society for maintaining, with meticulous attention, the residence in a nostalgically warm, turn-of-the-century style. Laura Ann explained that none of the furnishings, nick-knacks, pictures or other memorabilia were original to the house but, rather, donated items to the society.

Throughout the living quarters period furnishings have been donated to represent the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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