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Hello guys. And welcome back to my how to travel guide safety edition now safety when, you travel it is all about not making yourself a target most theft while traveling are crimes of opportunity now if a stranger sees a phone line on the table.

And there’s nobody around there is a very high possibility that they would take that phone now they might not have set out that day to steal a phone, but the opportunity presented itself and So they took it your goal as a traveler is to try. And minimize those opportunities.

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So when, you are traveling the biggest advice. I can give, you is do what the locals do. And make yourself look seem act.

And feel like a local, it’s all about walking with confidence. And acting like, you know where, you are, you belong here she know where you’re going, this is a tall doing. And crazy.

And scary. And weird. And criminal search out easy targets people that look uncomfortable that just look easy to pick on those are who they are targeting don’t make yourself one of them.

So carrying your money in a few different forms is always a good idea be it cash credit card debit card that’s usually your standard three traveler’s checks nobody really uses traveler’s checks anymore there are like specific travel credit cards that, you can apply for and, you can get different currencies put on them those are very handy if you are traveling to multiple different currency countries now when I travel. I try.

And use cash for most things that. I’m paying for, it’s just the easiest, it’s the most safe. And, it’s accepted everywhere.

So the best thing to do before going to a country is to change your money either before, you go at your local bank or to withdraw money from an ATM in the foreign country. So safety with ATMs try to pick ones that are in banks. So ATMs located in banks.

And try to use ATMs or banks that are bigger. So bigger more familiar banks because those ones will give, you a much higher success rate when, you use foreign cards. And will have a much lower Frog rate then if you are using other like streetside or random 1 10, you kind of find now when, you are taking your Cry part overseas make sure that, you notify your bank and, you let them know that, you are going overseas because they think that if they suddenly start seeing all these purchases from other places around the world they think that your card has been stolen.

So they will stop it. And then you’ll need to call them. And, it’s just kind of a mess money belts um you’ve seen them they’re pretty much advertised in every airport, you go to or travel shop the the money belts that, you like attach on to, you or, you can hang from your chest.

I’ve never used a money belt and I’ve never personally felt like. I’ve needed a money belt the thing with money belts is they are awkward.

And they draw attention to themselves like when, you see someone lifting their shirt. And pulling out their money belt. And unzipping in.

And giving out cash, it’s really awkward and, you stare. And other people will stare at, you also make sure that, you scan all your important documents before, you leave, this is kind of just like a admin things should always have backup copies of your passports your credit cards your flight itinerary all these more documents should be, you should have two coffees on, you. And they should be in a separate location from the real document the more, you stick out the more you’re going to draw attention to, you this goes for clothing jewelry electronics that you’re carrying, you don’t want to be flashy, you don’t want this isn’t the time to wear your best jewelry well, you bring digital cameras, but don’t always have them out.

I keep mine in the grubby little bag most of time and I only put it out when I’m filming because.

I’m not wanting to draw attention to myself ladies always carry a bag that straps across your body, you never want like one of those purses that, you kind of just like hang on here or just drape on one shoulder those are awful because they can very easily be snatched away or snatched off, you. And keep it in the front. So, you always have your purse in the front of, you it looks awkward, but that is genuinely the most safest way to.

And place to put your purse gentlemen. I play these to never keep valuables money trout documents anything of value in your back pockets seriously pickpockets exist. And they are freaking good they are really really good, you won’t even notice you’re getting pickpocketed don’t leave phones or any other valuables on any table or surface when, you are eating or having coffee or sitting down again people are very skilled at walking by.

And grabbing your phone. And then, it’s gone and, you don’t even know this, you don’t even notice this happening any backpack that, you are bringing with, you should have a zipper. And a lock because again, you don’t know what’s happening behind, you you don’t get eyes in the back of your head.

So pickpockets are really good they can open your bag. And go into them. And steal your stuff without, you noticing that’s also one of the reasons why, you see a lot of travelers carry good packs on their front locks.

And cables are your friends make sure, you have lots of them. I’m a little bit psychotic when it comes to locks. And cables and I like to be sure that. I’m ever leaving my stuff unattended, it’s always locked up. And, it’s always cabled up.

And attached to something. So people can’t take it don’t take anything up value out with, you when, you go drinking seriously, you know the stuff that happens when, you go out drinking with your buddies at home, you know how much stuff people lose why would, you do it in a foreign country when, you cannot easily replace it the first thing people will tell, you is generally don’t eat salads in foreign countries, this is kind of yes or no, it’s only when, you don’t necessarily have access to clean drinking water in which case the salads or the fruits or vegetables that are raw that are not cooked are can be touched that kind of contaminated water and, you get sick from it, but if you stick to the cooked food you’ll be fine because cookie kills bacteria that’s why in like South America. And Southeast Asia.

And other parts of the world where they don’t have refrigeration. And food sits out for long periods of time, it’s still fine to eat because they cook the crap out of it eat the local dishes because the local dishes are sourced from the local ingredients. And those are what are used most frequently on a regular basis.

So the ingredients are constantly being refreshed. And the chefs know how to best prepare they know the best most safest food preparation methods when, you when, you want when, you try to eat Americanized food or food that’s not local to the region that you’re traveling in those chefs that, you you’re getting the food from they may not know how to cook it properly they, you don’t necessarily know what ingredients they’re getting or where they’re getting it from or how long it takes to get there because these are four ingredients to the country or this city that they are cooking it in, but it lasts likely to get ill then if you stick to the more ones that you’re familiar with like pizza that, you don’t think will get killed can get, you very ill nice time now this goes for saying pretty much everywhere in the world that nighttime is generally a somewhat unsafe time to be travelling anywhere or going anywhere by yourself be aware of your surroundings constantly be aware of your personal bubble. And what is around, you.

And what dangers can present themselves in your personal bubbles. So unlike back home when, you have a lot of familiarities foreign countries are foreign. So, you need to be just that much more aware because every city.

And country has places that, you shouldn’t wander into because they generally have a higher crime rate or they’re unsafe or there could be a various other things that happen in those areas in your whole country, you probably know these in a foreign country, you don’t. So, you need to make it effort to try. And find out where they are.

And d’void them when you’re traveling so I want, you to travel with caution but I also want, you to travel with an open mind don’t let everybody else’s fears intimidate, you or scare, you away from certain places because.

I don’t want, you guys to psych yourself up thinking that a place is going to be completely unsafe because then, you go there you’re gonna feel it now with all this information. I’m really not trying to make, you paranoid or scare, you away from traveling because really traveling is amazing experience. And, it’s not that scary.

I’m just trying to warn, you. And keep, you aware. And and knowledgeable of all the various things that could happen just keep your wits about, you you’ll be fine.

So thank, you guys. So so much for reading and I hope, you picked up some good trouble safety tips Sam make sure, you guys are still commentd.

And yeah bye hi guys welcome to my brain. I travel series haha. So basically.

I want to create this Travel series because. I get a lot of questions. And dumb comments from, you guys.

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