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Scott’s words again carried down to us, “Woah, woah, woah!” The air around him had gotten very thick and he felt the hair rise on his neck. Lisa noted EMF levels had edged upward from .5 to .9.

EMF Spike

I began a more aggressive series of questions telling whatever remained that it was time to stop hiding, stop being a coward to come out and confess. EMF levels elevated with each use of the word, “coward” and then began to bounce erratically until it shot up to 2.1. I stopped speaking and watched as levels returned to normal.

Kat’s questions become more aggressive.

Glances were exchanged among our group. This was getting interesting.

Lisa gently said, “You don’t have to hide anymore.”

I continued, “If we can help you, we will try to do that. But we can’t do anything unless you want to talk to us. Come out.”

Lisa began to feel that tingling sensation again. It was strange. She didn’t really feel cold yet her left arm had goose bumps and every hair stood on end.

Lisa experiences a tingling sensation on her arms.

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