Seattle Locks Cruise

The water is such an important part of Seattle, and today we’re gonna experience it firsthand on a Locks cruise. We’ve set off from the dock and the tour kicks off here on Lake Union. There’s all these different boats around us. You can look up onto the hills and see the houses and the water. I mean, it’s beautiful.

Seattle Locks Cruise Photo Gallery

We’re sailing past the floating homes, which are literally homes sitting on the water.

It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’re about to enter the Ballard Locks. These locks separate the salt water from the fresh water. It’s gonna take us through, into the other side.

As we’re sailing out of the lock, you can see how much we dropped. On the other side of the gates the water is so much higher. We’ll be entering a salt water bay, called Shilshole Bay. And off in the distance we see everything from the mountain ranges to ferry boats, and then the city skyline, which is pretty magical. The last couple hours have been splendid, taking off from Lake Union, travelling along the waterways to the locks, which was so fascinating to see.

And then making our way here, at Elliot Bay, with the Seattle skyline.

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