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Once it catches a fish, the kingfisher beats it against a branch for a while before swallowing it whole. A young bird, if it doesn’t know by instinct, learns quickly that fish don’t go down easy when swallowed tail first; the backward pointing scales being an impediment.

William James Davis, writing about the life history of these birds, says that an adult bird needs to eat about ten four-inch fish a day. A pair raising young needs to catch about 90 fish per day to feed themselves and their young. With a success rate of about 40 percent, this means each adult must make over 220 dives a day. During extended periods of bad weather, when fishing conditions are poor due to turbid or ruffled waters, nestlings may starve.

But meeting one Gardner who lived in a Cottage thereabout, El Paso Map Tourist Attractions offered us his fire to set by, having but one poor Bedd, and his wife not El Paso Map Tourist Attractions well, & c. or he would go to a Housr with us, where he thought we might be better accommodated thither we went, But a surly old shoe Creature, not worthy the name of woman, who would hardly let us go into her Door, though the weather was so stormy none but shee would have turnd out a Dogg.

But her son whose name was gallop, who lived just by Invited us to his house and shewed me two pair of stairs, viz. one up the loft and tother up the Bedd, wh was as hard as it was high, and warmed it with a hott stone at the feet. I lay very uncomfortably, insomuch that I was so very cold and sick I was forced to call them up to give me something to warm me. They had nothing but milk in the house, wch they Boild, and to make it better sweetened wth molasses, which I not knowing or thinking oft till it was down and coming up agen woh it did in so plentifull a manner that my host was soon paid double for his portion, and that in specia.

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