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Feijoada is the Brazilian feast dish, originally a dish made up of leftovers given to the slaves by their masters. A kind of stew, it contains pig’s feet, tongue, ears, tripe and tail, plus the vegetable kale, with rice and plenty of black beans. Eat it and take a nap. Chur-raco gaucho is a Rio specialty: cowboy steak and sausages, barbecued and served on a short sword or skewer, with peppers, onions, and manioc meal. The cafezinhos, half coffee, half sugar, is the jump start favored in the outdoor cafes of Rio.

Brazil is a country with immense but largely undeveloped natural resources. Cynics say, Brazil is a nation with a great future, and always will be.

Visitors to a country may have little interest in an indepth study of a culture. Nevertheless, they probably want to know what behavior is acceptable, what would be resented by the residents. The Language and Inter cultural Research Center, Brigham Young University, has published Culturgrams mainly for use by Mormon missionaries. The information collected is valuable to any visitor to a country.

While this group was gone, the fort was attacked by another band of natives. Rio de Janeiro Map Several men were wounded, and only by retreating to the ships still anchored nearby were they able to escape. Cannon fire scared off their attackers. In June, as the fort neared completion, Newport and his crews departed for England, leaving only the smallest ship behind along with approximately 100 men and boys. Newport’s ships carried a cargo of timber, some worthless rocks the adventurers hoped contained gold, and the herb sassafras, used as a medicine for fevers. Because the Virginia colony project began as a commercial enterprise, the governing corporation’s interest in profits overruled the welfare of the people who were a part of it. Even if every colonist died, the corporation believed it could and would survive. Stockholders in the corporation admitted new members, elected officers, and wrote bylaws. In this way, the company ruled the colony much like a sovereign state. It could impose taxes, coin money, and even regulate trade. It also had a treasury and was responsible for the colonists’ defense.

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