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Three, hushed words were recorded, “Tell me why?” Had Leebove just finished his dying sentence, “Jack, Jack why … tell me why?” Is he still looking for answers from Livingston? Some day we hope he finds the truth and rests.

So, is the Doherty Hotel haunted? We don’t always give a direct answer. However the things that happened at the hotel were unexplainable. Our experience with the K2 coupled with the EVPs collected leave little doubt.

There are spirits at the hotel that don’t want to leave for reasons we may never know. Isaiah Leebove, Mrs. Doherty, Betty Doherty, some happy little child, and possibly more are calling out, waiting for their next guest to arrive.

Story Nine: The Whiting

1241 East Kearsley St., Flint, MI Secret Room Password: moy142 Investigative Team:
Steps toward recovery Two months after the earthquake, Ben Fox Athens Metro Map and Jonathan Katz, Associated Press writers, described conditions in Port-au-Prince as follows Athens Metro Map : Trash and sewage are piling up at the squalid tent camps that hundreds of thousands have called home since Haiti’s devastating earthquake and with torrential rains expected summer is the hurricane season authorities are not even close to providing the shelters they promised. Two months since the the earthquake . . the government has yet to relocate a single person. Aid groups say they’re ready to build but don’t have the land.

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