Bolivia Salt Flats – Salar de Uyuni Worlds Largest Mirror

What of you, and what are sunset I don’t think I’ve ever seen those colors before at a sunset oh wow they were entry yes okay guys to be honest I wasn’t going to start the post tonight I was gonna wake up tomorrow morning, and start the post then. Because I’ve been dealing with a bad case of the Bolivian food poisoning we pretty much left sucre Hey everybody, and welcome back to sucre, and bolivia we’re pretty much done with a layover here, and went to a little stopover town called potosi I think, I’ll take the stairs as we’re heading for to see welcome to potosi everybody, and after some nachos yeah I got hit with some food boys, and if it was the nachos it was from Sucre you still don’t know yet. But now it’s been like you know 48 hours, I’ll just be here on the toilet making natural soup from the last 12 hours potosi was a beautiful little small cute stopover town I would have loved to explored it a bit more.

Bolivia Salt Flats – Salar de Uyuni Worlds Largest Mirror Photo Gallery

But nacho soup on facts with just this is the second most populated highest city in the world this town is actually an old silver mining town, and there’s a gigantic hill here that’s the mountain there I’d like to welcome you guys to uni this is an even small town very the smallest time we’ve been on this entire trip here in Bolivia or. So I want to apologize for this I like I said I didn’t want to start the post. Because any shower. But these colors were sewing these colors were just. So incredible I’ve never seen it before those have to start the post now just after the Sun has gone down. But yes welcome to uni everybody this is pretty much the stopover town for when you go to the Bolivian salt flats which we are starting nice, and early tomorrow we’re going on a three-day Jeep expedition through the salt flats which should refine this is why we’ve come to Bolivia all righty guys today is the day we were waiting for this moment for. So long we’re currently in Bolivia move about to jump in the Jeep for three days, and go, and check out the Bolivian salt flats, and the biggest salt flats in the world guys are only ten minutes out of uni, and will come to our first stop it is a train, and graveyard which is cooler than it sounds.

Because they are just I don’t know hundreds of trains here it goes quite far down there this is cool you can just see the trains abandoned right here mid-journey probably it’s really cool. Because he can just climb over all of these old rusted trains just like come inside the edges some people are pretty cool playground the awesome place, and light laser tag yeah everyone says chillin on top of the trains guys we had to stop the Jeep let’s leave the founder section with water, and they say usually it is super hard to find sections with water. Because that’s when it does the mirror effect, and we’re now gonna be taking a billion photos there’s a bit windy. But welcome to the salt flats everybody’s so lucky that we’re able to come on here when there’s a little bit of reflection. Because we’re in the wrong season for the serve our photos might have some reflections I can’t really see cos is so wide, and blown out here uh shoes I like covered in wet, and salt oh wow this is insane just the mirror that’s going on at the moment I really don’t know if it’s picking up I cannot see my screen. Because it is so bright here now that wait we sold is real salt everywhere just come out to this restaurant for lunch completely made out of salt even like this little grandfather clock here the seats made out of salt, and everything’s made of salt is everyone excited to go see the salt flats yeah all righty just arrived at the salt flats wow this is so cool yeah like forms a little hexagon alrighty apologize for the next segment is this gonna be fun man this place is so cool it’s been like an hour, and a half doing photos, and posts, and I still can’t get over with literally only people I can see which is like nobody here it’s just our car the sodas made us extra thirsty are you ready Steve ready for the fun facts we just wait I come with my fun fact no. Because the wrong thing what’s your. But that we’re currently standing on Coral. Because this used to be under the water we’re on the island at the moment there’s the salt flats, and look how big the cactuses are can see. So many of them, and I say that they grow only one centimeter a year.

So some of these like six hundred years old that’s crazy look we’re just walking on the coral cuz I didn’t what is driving up to it no I’ve never seen that many cactuses before, and they a gigantic well the Jurassic time don’t you reckon yeah that big look is huge they’ve made like a house in the side of this coral. So you can see the window there they made the door out of the cactus there’s the cactus for a support beam this is so cool it does look lucky they look like a llama heads. But they’re not they’re definitely not well actually no I mean that’s why Oh some of them if you like fell into it give it a hug know the story that you are about to be told to place in the holiday world I’d say it’s time all right last stop of the day we’re gonna watch the sunset guys I have lost my voice of it from um all the mum Amir singing. But we’ve just tried arrived at our hotel, and the whole thing’s made of salt sea salt even the ground assault do you change the spell even the result oh my gosh look they even look engraved it’s Wow. But literally in a salt cube alrighty guys for about her to dinner. But during these three days on the salt flats we’ve been playing a game, and it’s good human cluedo.

So we all have a person that we need to kill in a certain spot with a certain object or thing that they need to do, and today Steven killed his perseverance selfie with Sarah in the Jeep, and tonight I need a train kill my person. Because I need to kill Gemma at dinner by making her put Sarah’s sunnies on it’s gonna be tough, I’m gonna go try we can’t get you Gemma little.

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