Hey guys.

So we are making our way to crawl we’ve left Vienna. And we stop for lunch at this random. I don’t want to taste like a no-man’s land can see no slash las vegas sort of deal hey grace there’s dragons.

And castle. And and other really rad things yes kind of binds me up like a garage sale like a wedding would, you all flea market yeah what is expect if you really know what. I was expecting, this is fully dotted oh oh my god the biggest challenge.

GETTING MARRIED IN PRAGUE Czech Republic Photo Gallery

I’ve ever shit okay yeah. I know this thing is like out of control Wow that was awesome good job huh hey guys welcome to Czech Republic. I am.

So excited. So yes we’re in Prague now jhalak City on the streets a tour. And we are in the castle district as we are amazing capsules today Oh st.

Vitus Cathedral the yellow bar is the oldest party vector 812 in the middle behind the golden stages there used to be dead for 500 years. And now we are in the new part from 1929. I think, it’s huge.

I wish. I could fly in this room Christopher Walken, you know. I am a paparazzi right now.

I’m a sucker. I know. I know about Ray amazing Oh Tasha seriously.

I’m serious. I really want to get married a prog Don just like in Prague. I don’t just so.

I could give like a wedding photos in front of a castle yeah maybe. I can just find a Czech guy okay we could both find check guys. And it’ll be awesome we can marry Prague yeah one of the guards was really hot so.

I can pray thank, you probably there, you go. So now we are on the charles bridge charles bridge was built an aside generally Romanus bridge called the heated bridge in 12 century. I’m such a pro at this what’s up guys yes.

I’m talking, this is what. I do Oh cobblestone oh my godness give me difficult alright temporary pop we all right now camera angle get that tar that’s about to run over, you yeah thanks thanks burger oh my god yeah okay. I got off the road Parker do something amazing not that won’t ruin the bike that was crazy that was.

So intense big trouble yeah. I know, you got yelled at already. And it somebody went off that bridge whenever yeah, it’s right here.

And then what’s also got this way. I get to go there’s more. I could, you fucker yeah yeah Oh try not to make things up beautiful River when, you lose something, you can’t replace is.

So beautiful biking by the river frog getting loathed by this beautiful man from there to the mystery restaurants in Japan, you know not to try not to, you not to wisely. I’m not too salty to see Oh inserts will show, you seven seas for example check that it up or Boca. And army will play a typical instruments for example Simba.

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