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Thou moon hast seen, and all the stars of light Kuala Lumpur Metro Map , How he has wrestled with his God by night. He pray’d that grace in Kuala Lumpur Metro Map ev’ry heart might dwell, He long’d to see Country excel; He charg’d its youth that ev’ry grace divine Should with full lustre in their conduct shine; That Saviour, which his soul did first receive, The greatest gift that ev’n a God can give, He freely offer’d to the num’rous throng.

That on his lips with list’ning pleasure hung. Take him, ye wretched, for your only good, Take him, ye starving sinners, for your food; Ye thirsty, come to this life-giving stream, Ye preachers, take him for your joyful theme;Take him, my dear Countrys, he said, Be your complaints on his kind bosom laid: Take him, ye Africans, he longs for you, Impartial Saviour is his title due Was’d in the fountain of redeeming blood,You shall be son, and kings, and priests to God. Great Countess, we Countrys revere Thy name, and mingle in thy grief sincere;New England deeply feels, the Orphans mourn Their more than father will no more return. But, though arrested by the hand of death,Whitefield no more exerts his lab’ring breath, Yet let us view him in th’ eternal skies, Let ev’ry heart to this bright vision rise; While the tomb safe retains its sacred trust, Till life divine re-animates his dust. Source: Massachusetts Spy, October 11, 1770.

The hard brittle edges surrounding the Australian coastline of the sticker image speak to a hard and stubborn approach epitomized by then Prime Minister, John Howard’s chilling response to boat people’ when he declared we will decide who comes to this country and the manner in which they come’ (Howard 2001). It is an approach reiterated ten years later by the current Labour government concerning its offshore processing of Asylum Seekers. These sharp and abrasive edges serve to pronounce the image of fortress’ Australia as an outpost of Britain in Asia.

The image of the Australian continent used in all representations is symbolic of a unique’ Australian environment that has produced a nation of people who are prepared to give others a fair go’ (Stratton 1998: 31). Another layer of irony inadvertently enhances the tenor of the sticker in Figure 1 and resonates in Abdullah’s appropriation since the country of the fair go’ is revealed to be the exclusive right of white Australians. The granting of rights to minorities threatened what far-right politician Pauline Hanson saw as the true Australian values of egalitarianism, a fair go, admiration of the battler, and a belief in the individual’ (Leach 2000: 48). According to Dyer, this Anglo-Celtic sense of striving and enterprise is a feature of whiteness that thereby casts non-whites with significantly less resolve and determination’ (1997: 80).

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