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Another day in Patagonia, another glacier fed boat ride This time we are going to the base of the glacier and we are doing a glacier walk here at Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina So today, as you can see behind me, we are here for this amazing, crazy glacier. This is the Perito Moreno Glacier. It is considered a stable glacier, meaning that it’s actually moving one meter a day, but there is carving happening, so ice is actually falling off throughout the day. So it stays in the same spot. So it is not receeding and it’s not expanding so it just stays in the same spot It moves, then it carves, moves and carves. That is huge, it is 50 to 60 meters high and there is another 120 to 150 meters below the water. Glaciers, all of them, are moving masses of ice.

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And the ice slides down because of gravity We are going to where this red spot is, and the sources are over here, in this mountain, this massive thing called Perito Moreno It is a much colder place and it snows a lot. It is one of the snowiest places on the planet. It snows 300 days per year. It is probably snowing right now 35 and 45 meters of fresh snow per year That is only 15 km away from here This ice field is the third massive ice in the world after Antartica and Greenland. So we have Whiskey or water. Anyone prefer water instead of Whiskey? That’s whiskey Hello and welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina So we made it to Buenos Aires cemetery. his is a very, very famous cemetery right in the middle of town. This not regulatory. It is not like any cemetery I’ve seen. Not that I am an expert of cemeteries, but the one in Buenos Aires you have to do. I would love to know who does sculptures like that like how long do you have to practice to do that.

Alright, so this afternoon we made it to La Boca I think our plan for the buffet is take lots of pretty photos and go shop. That seams to be what we do here. We already ate You can eat as well, but we already did that And take advantage of the beautiful colorful buildings here that La Boca is famous for. He is just loving life So we decided that for the rest of our time in Buenos Aires, we are going to go shopping here in Palermo And we stumbled upon the biggest outlet mall ever I have no idea what the name of this outlet mall is, but it’s huge. I am not sure if it is actually considered an outlet mall, but its a lot of shops. Shopping, even though I have zero room in my suitcase so that will be interesting. Feria Outlet that is where we are. What is this one? Shoe shop. This is such a threat. don’t even know an of these stores Purse shop Oh, lets go here, this looks like my kind of shop Shoe shop. Cher Looks like a Guess. What I’ve notice in Buenos Aires shopping, they really like English words, like cheesy English words on shirts It’s really cool. That one is a little interesting That is going to be us in T minus 5 minutes I think we are starting in 5 minutes. It’s a Tango show. Tango lesson, dinner, show. Yes We are doing Tango lessons In a room full of people. It’s really awkward.

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