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So I’ve arrived in Valparaíso, and I totally underestimated the weather because I am in shorts and t-shirt. And it is cold. Luckily, right next to the bus station there just happens to be a huge market of clothing and such, so I feel like I am going to find something here. We have success. I bought this sweater for 2 dollars Although I look like a bit of a colorful, colorful mess, I am a lot warmer then I was 10 min ago. Aright, now that I have my sweater and I am sitting on a bus I can explain to you what we are doing today. We are taking a day trip to Valparaíso, which is supposed to be like a beachside, really cool beautiful place that everyone yesterday said, “you got to go to Valparaíso, you got to go to Valparaíso, I am like yea, lets go, I will go on a day trip and it will be good. I think, I don’t know So I have this feeling that I have to take a trolley cart up to get to the city. I don’t know, there are all these trolley carts that go up.

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I will just take one and we’ll see what happens. I don’t know what I am doing. Valparaíso, is actually the arts and cultural capital of Chile as I am starting to notice. I am stuck in like a time hole loop, because it is a huge bustling city back in the days before for European traders that would go down to the bottom of South America then come back up the west coast to North America. However when Panama canal opened, this place just pretty much just stopped and it was stuck in that time period because they didn’t need to use this port here in Valparaíso. It is so colorful. Now my odd sweater red thing combo fits right in. I think this city is starting to make more sense now So we booked ourselves a hostel here in Santiago and I just want to point out something, a little tidbit of information.

So this is our room. But, did u notice something about these bunk beds? Oh, there is no step up. There is no ladder to get up onto this bunk bed And here is another thing you might notice. This bunk bed is also high and I am a short person, and I have the top bunk. So let me show you my only option to get up on to the top of this bunk. Also, this is the wobbliest bunk bed in the world I have to do that for 3 nights, 3 nights. So I thought a great way to introduce you and myself to Santiago is to do a walking tour. Now this isn’t actually the first time I’ve come to Santiago. I’ve been to Santiago before and I did the walking tour and I loved it It is a really great way to see the city, and it’s a slower pace because you are not on a bus, as well as, they are free. Free walking tours. You don’t have to pay anything which is awesome. We are just walking through one of the parks. It’s like a huge park in Santiago, which is famous for their parks. We are going to go now and visit the most important areas here in Santiago, the downtown area. they have these cafes that are open 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, they are daytime “hooters”. They are not strip clubs, but the waitresses are like Hooter’s waitresses They take their tops off and they serve you coffee during the day. No alcohol, just coffee. You want coffee and you want you know see something else, go to Santiago. Santiago metro system. Literally, the most musical subway ride I’ve taken. I wanted to dance, but I couldn’t move.

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