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New York City – Local Flavors of Brooklyn Small-Group Walking Tour

This post I’m gonna be munching my way through Brooklyn on a small group walking tour. I’ve come on an empty stomach, so let’s go eat. We specialize in everything that’s local and unique about New York. On our tours, you’re going to visit all sorts of people making great food and beverage in New York. They’re all based here and you can’t get this stuff any where else. This place has over a hundred cheeses.

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The great thing is there’s such a strong community feel. They showcase the products of local Brooklyn artisans. You can try cheeses that you’ve never even heard of. Mmm, that is good. Here we go, off to the next stop. This way. This is such a quaint and charming place. It’s a family run business and the owners are so proud of their heritage and they’ve even got pictures of their family on the boxes of cookies. We tried three cookies today and they were all awesome. Great cookies all around and I’d definitely come back. I think I’m just gonna do this one in one. I am one happy lady.

I’ve had my cookie fix, but now it’s time for some savoury sensations. I want some Middle Eastern food. These tours are really international. I’m eating a falafel which is chickpeas mixed with herbs and spices. It’s delicious. I definitely got a real New York experience today and had some delicious food along the way. Definitely a great tour. This place is like nothing I have ever seen before. I feel like I’ve been taken back to 1940s America. The waitresses and waiters, they got the original period hats on. It really is a sight to see in Brooklyn. This has been a perfect afternoon. The food has been delicious and we tried so many unique things from Italian to Middle Eastern to my favorite, cookies. I loved this tour.

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