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After the estate had gone through probate, the widow was able to undertake her new life. If she was deemed the head of a household, she could now be taxed. Kuwait Map Tourist Attractions She could enter into contracts, for herself and for her children, and she could write a will, providing for her children. While remarriage was an option, it did not necessarily happen immediately or at all.

The future circumstances of a widow’s life were usually dictated by her financial status. While a poor woman was entitled to a third of her husband’s estate, it was a third following the payment of any outstanding debt. If she had adult children, her best hope was that they would be able to maintain her in some way. If she had underage children, the household was usually broken up. If family or friends could not assist her, she and the children became dependent on the town and colony for support.

Most communities had rules outlining eligibility for such assistance. The future of a woman from a wealthier family also may have depended on whether or not her children were of age. If she had an adult son, it was likely that he had inherited the house she and her husband had lived in. While he was required to give her space to live in the house, she had no say in how the household was run.

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