Best Experience in Whistler Snowmobiling for the First Time

Hey everybody, and welcome back to Bonnie where in Squamish at the moment we’re starting our day nice, and early you’re on a road trip we are to Whistler we’re going up there to the sea the sky gondola, and we are we didn’t do it last time. Because we just didn’t have any time. So we’ve decided to come up nice, and early to do it before heading up to Whistler.

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But it should be fun it is actually quite chilly out here, and it’s snowing yeah, and the views are beautiful up there I love seeing puppies enjoy the snow Hey guys how you guys doing today oh do that again Hey guys today from the Seas of the sky to be straight up they were super steep never get worried the cables snap. But concede to the sky, and that was so unbelievably beautiful ama this a little suspension bridge you guys know there was a suspension bridge yeah kind of like a couple on one probably on a way smaller scale it’s not walking through here with the snow just below us beautiful just look at this view Oh that’d be me Bigfoot hey we went to the Shannon Falls last time didn’t we Jess that’s like halfway back yeah like the perfect way to start the day have you guys you’re just training in on why we love Canada so much welcome back to whistle everybody I think this is the third or fourth time we’ve been yeah. But never with this much snow we did come one time when it was still chilly.

But it doesn’t have that cute like Santa village look where all the snow is on the trees yeah you kind of do look like a marshmallow, and did a TV with Becca Paul it was freezing. So this time, I’m wearing three gloves three gloves, and got two pair of socks on like kajillion layers I have three jumpers on I want to enjoy this, and like built-in air bags look how beautiful Whistler is this is why I love it wow this is insane oh yeah you wanna get some snow gloves, and they’ve set up like a little fireplace looking fly got a little fireplace there you go grab some gear never done. So never really before something super excited to do this what you want to do is you want to hop on yourself nice, and comfortable if you tuck your feet up into these little foot they keep your feet nice, and warm engine bench right now you just what used to do snowmobiling for the first time calling me why can I do when it’s all any under he’s getting close lose control stay tuned No like guys this is seriously the best experience I’ve ever done jump in the back with joshiya uh can I get some footage m1 oh yeah this is awesome a scene honestly the guys do this such an incredible way to start 2018 I was amazing good work bubs oh yeah the perfect way to end an insane experience oh this is nice hi guys this is why I love a Wisla it looks like hogs meat straight out of Harry Potter.

Because it’s so new like freshly built. Because of course the eight they held the Olympics like maybe ten years ago it’s it’s all beautiful, and we’re gonna go around show you guys around the town. Because it is one of our favorite spots, and there’s actually a sausage sizzle place which I want to go, and grab something to eat some pretty hungry, and it is so unbelievably busy looks like ants just coming through I love this town yeah yeah oh jury’s reading this right now he’s gonna be jealous sure we love this club sorry used to come here yeah all that caramelized onions yourselves. So whistle is kind of split into two towns is like the main central town where everyone hangs out, and then they’ve got the Olympic Village just quickly see if he’s like taking me strutting. So we’re gonna head into the South kind of Olympic Village to go, and get ourselves a coffee for the 3:30, and we’ll promised a coffee before we got here this sun’s just hit this hotel, and all the icicles are like starting to melt. So glad we could come here during this time feel like we’ve seen Whistler in all the seasons now we’re gonna stretch our Christmas as long as possible yeah cheers, and run a very successful trip to Whistler what an incredible view to say goodbye to Whistler I will be back any time in Vancouver, I’m gonna make sure I head here.

But this is amazing thank you, and on.

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