Acadia National Park Hiking Map

The typical outdoor gear shop assistant loves his or her job for the following reasons:

1. The outdoor clothing for sale in the shop never looks as good on the customer as it does on the assistants – and they know it.
2. They know about every item for sale in the shop – they’ve got one at home (due to the staff discount).

3. They enjoy bragging about their latest conquests with their work colleagues (the Pennine Way in two days, Ben Nevis in a force 10 gale), in order to see the looks on customers’ faces when they overhear.

4. They genuinely enjoy passing on hints, tips and advice to real hikers. Equally, they enjoy winding everybody else up.

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This is where you should start bluffing, and on the following pages is all you’ll need to know to Start off by mentioning a popular tourist honeypot for hiking and then, in a nonchalant way, drop in a comment that shows how you tackled it out of season, or at a time when most tourists wouldn’t even consider doing such a route.

‘Did Catbells yesterday, early enough to reach the summit and watch the sun rise over Derwent Water. Pure magic.’

This demonstrates that you’re prepared to go that extra mile and are not one of those who wants to look the part even though the longest walk they usually do is from the shop to the car park. Assistants will not hold it against you that you’ve mentioned a typical touristy place. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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