Bird Reading in Dandeli – Karnataka

Dante leepu’s of rich biodiversity the abundant clean ring is a heaven for birds, and the varieties he saw was staggering the old mansion house where we stayed while in Dante D is a bird watchers paradise you don’t have to find burrs they find you when you step out of your room go for a walk take a boat ride or a try then all over the place it was impossible to get a shot of every single bird that we laid eyes on here is just a handful that we were able to capture in our camera starting with the yellow vulture these are small yellows on birds found mostly at the top of dark shrubs, and small trees they are one of the most commonly heard parlors in spring, and summer the main white.

Bird Reading in Dandeli – Karnataka Photo Gallery

Ron Sharma is black in color they have a bright orange belly, and white feathers on the run, and outer tail they are capable of mimicking the balls of other words black tronco is classy black bird with a distinctive forked tail they are very feisty Birds known to be aggressive, and take on birds that are much larger than them they are not afraid of anything you can’t tell by the look of them. But they’re extremely efficient.

And hunting, and performed flight maneuver that put other birds to shame, and the Rooter looks just like any other dog except that it has improved wings, and the males have blue coloring on their head we got many pictures of these furs as the forced of the ground for food around a makeshift bird feeder that was set up at old Manson house a chic paradise fly catcher is a very elegant looking bird his body is wild while its head is entirely black the male has rather long tail feathers which can grow up to 12 inches these birds prefer the safety of tall dense trees, and feed on insects which they capture in the air the coracle port right in the Kaveri River.

On a lazy afternoon afford endures even more exotic sights start it with a Malabar pied hornbill malapa pied hornbill looks like it’s from another world you just can’t stop looking at its monochrome body starkly contrasts with it’s bright yellow double bills the second one sits atop its peak they are not picky eaters, and will consume everything from fruits, and insects to small animals fully necked stork has black wings a brown body a white head, and a black crown seen from afar it appears as though only the neck is white which is where it arrives its name from if you like reading birds as a serious hobby a just for fun then you’ll be completely float by what Dante D has to offer hope you enjoyed reading the post don’t forget to comment the blog for more posts thanks for reading.

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