How to Travel in Bali

Bali is Paradise

Hey guys from Bali I love Bali we are in the food that is where we are living it’s really really cultural, and beautiful, and lush, and green sometimes it’s just. So green here that you just can’t believe it once I think I was wearing sunglasses, and I was like oh my gosh it’s so green then I realized I was still wearing my sunglasses, and I still had to take them off, and it just it’s really incredible it was like the entire world has been photoshopped or something Oh we are in the right Paris right now some random rice terraces that we found off the side of a really random road, and they’re like some of the most beautiful beautiful ones that we’ve seen, and there’s absolutely no tourists here which is great every morning they put out offerings, and on all of the doorways of everywhere houses shops we have rented a scooter here to get around, and go exploring whenever we want which is awesome.

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Because we can just go on all these adventures Livio is the driver, and then we go what I love about exploring bowing the fact that complete freedom to go anywhere I want how much is this little of the tank, and drive for like eight hours a dollar per hours of driving you can pretty much drive for 15 to 16 hours non-stop with a full tank. So yeah okay like this is choking oh no my helmet is so big oh gosh, I’m cookie, I’m came from Russia we went on a little adventure, and he showed us this awesome place with hot springs, and waterfall yes yes yes, and something like this I am really really loving it here in Bali it is gorgeous here it’s like paradise everyone is so friendly and. So nice, and it’s just absolutely beautiful one of the most beautiful places.

I’ve ever seen, and it’s also the cheapest place that I’ve ever been. So those two things together work out really well it is raining here in Bali all time, and the strain right now I think, I’m just going to go out in rain right here that’s how rainy this and. So I know that it was pretty short. But I do have a lot more volley adventures coming up if you guys know any places to go around here anything like that then just let me know down in the comments I haven’t been postging as much as I would have liked to I haven’t really been postging like normal. Because Livio, and I are planning to stay in Bali for a few months. So we’ve just been doing a lot of stuff like getting an apartment finding an apartment for next month kind of figuring out the town, and stuff.

Because we’re going to live here for two months at least probably three hopefully you enjoyed the post see you in the next box alright.

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