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Source: The Boston Gazette and Country Journal, March 12 Angola Map , 1770. On the Death of the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield 1770 George Whitefield was Angola Map a charismatic, evangelistic, English minister whose Country tours stimulated the Great Awakening of religious revivals throughout the colonies. Phillis Wheatley, an educated black servant in a prominent Boston household, became widely known for her poem commemorating Whitefield. She is remembered as the first published African Country writer in the colonies.

If use of the vernacular is a signifer of marginalization harnessed by those whose access to mainstream pathways is denied due to the insufficiency of existing ideological frameworks’ (Farred 2003: 17) then its use as a bumper sticker is telling. The sticker speaks for one particular quarter’ of the population, a section of old Australia that sees itself as forgotten in the globalized cities of temporary migrant workers, international students and the inner city professionals. This latter group of white multiculturalists also exhibits a collective silence on race, preferring instead to emphasize cultural difference, a kind of a soothing balm applied to the skin of the other’ to avoid recognition of the ugly scab of racism and marginalization suffered by those othered’. The political liberalism of cultural difference fails to recognize and calculate the impact of racism, poverty and other structural factors by focusing on culture. In so doing, it provides an escape route from reality and facilitates an analysis of the other’s culture, which is deemed to lack the values of liberal western democracies.

Hage (1998) apportions the blame squarely on white multiculturalists’ who suppressed, in their own minds, the impact of a new reality where white Australian control’ is diminished. The anger and resentment felt by white Australians against migrants and Indigenous people who they felt were getting something for nothing’ inevitably emerged. In 1990s’ Queensland, the return of the repressed’ was manifest in the bigotry of Hansonism and the sticker is evidence of such home-grown neo-fascism’. As Hage states:

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