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Caracas resembles Buenos Aires in that the best technique may be the escorts, although the pricing is way cheaper here, around $40. There are hardcore brothels, as well as rent-a-ladies in hotel lobbies as well to be had, escort services galore, and local discos and malls.


For you hardcore shoppers, head on down to the Chacaito Plaza, just a few blocks down from the Marriott. Look for local theater in the Sabana Grande area, it’s the only one, next to the subway stop in Chacaito. Next door is an office building, the nameplate on the building says Edificio Avalon. There are some guards at the door. Stroll on in past them and go up to the second floor. This is a three-story brothel filled with chicas, and not the only one in the area.

Edificio Volta is the most known one, with others just a block away. These are in house full service location. Just walk in and they are all lined up in a row, pick your meal and dive in. The quality is naturally going to be lower than the strip clubs, but then again so is the price. Take your time and find yourself the diamond in the rough. Pricing starts at just $15.

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Strip Clubs

For strip clubs there are a few favorite choices where they have rooms in the back. Club Angelus, located in the Altamira area in a shopping strip mall. It’s an upscale in house strip club with 30 girls roaming around hopping in your lap. Lap dances are 10K, to take them in the back is 150K. Bolivars. Also go to El Saxo in Sabana Grande. A good daytime places is Club Noche de Ronda (100K). Located in Chacaito, el Centro Commercial. This is in a mall, and it’s somewhat difficult to describe the path, as it’s disguised to hide its identity. Go downstairs in the mall and have someone point you the way. Pretend you’re the Grand Pimp Daddy and someone stole yo’ bitches and there’s hell to pay. Closing time is midnight, and you don’t want to be in this area at that time. Now, having told you all this, we prefer safety and convenience to seedy and mysterious.

Hotel Lounges

There is a much easier method to getting some classy looking women. For the pros and non-pros in bars/hotels, head to the area called Las Mercedes, Casanova Avenue in Sabana Grande. Girls will come up to you and try to get you to buy an exorbitant priced drink which you’ll pass on, and you can either take her upstairs (after paying the club exit fee) and her negotiated fee, or just pay the exit fee and take her back to your hotel and settle up there. Some of the club names are Onix, El Tiburon, the Rose, and Morrisons. This is not a cheap route, $100 and up, but you can pick and chose as you please, and there are some you would mortgage the house for. As always, any cabbie or your hotel concierge will know the location of these.

The downtown Caracas Hilton has call girls roaming all over the hotel, appropriately dressed for a Hilton, but blatantly giving you the up and down let’s go look. You can find them by the pool, the bar, or just hanging around the elevators in the lobby. The hotel really doesn’t put up any effort to stop the transaction, but you may have to grease a palm or two to take her to your room without a healthy guest fee. Pricing for an hour is 60K-120K, depending on your ability of negotiating.

Escort Services

There is an amazing crop of hotties on the escort sites listed at the end of this chapter, and the pricing is quite reasonable considering the quality. Make sure you look at the Spanish version of the web sites, the pricing is a lot cheaper. The same girl advertised on the English site is 20% higher. Make it very clear in your phone call that the photo is actually her and a recent one at that, and that if anyone else shows up you will say no. The girls advertising in the local paper are also an inexpensive route, from $30-55, but no photos here.

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