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For this and other reasons, Columbus decided to move his Nepal Map Tourist Attractions settlement. He selected a location on the south side of the island, near the present- Nepal Map Tourist Attractions day site of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo therefore became the first (and is now the oldest) continuously inhabited European city in the Americas. The Spanish presence in present-day Haiti was shortlived. By the 1530s, rich deposits of gold and silver had been discovered in Middle and South America. Spain’s attention immediately shifted to the mainland and its greater wealth.

At one point Kat asked the presence to share their name and their mother’s name, the answer “Vanesco” At this time, we have been unable to associate anyone with that name to the Doherty Hotel.

When Lorena asked for the spirits to give any other sign that they were here, the answer was, “Help me.”

During the time Lorena and Kat were talking about what a huge job it was to take care of such a large hotel, the response was, “Yes, mercy.”

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