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Today is the start of a very special trip. It’s a trip my sister and I have been planning for my dad for a long time now. Basically, to give you some back story my dad or my whole dad’s side of the family was born in what was Czechoslovakia and now is Slovakia and the Czech Republic. So he immigrated to Canada when he was about 22. That was over 50 years ago and he has never been back since. So my sister and I really wanted to take my dad back since he hasn’t been back since he immigrated. 50 years, 50 years. Aside from Prague I never been anywhere in Slovakia or in the Czech Republic, so I really wanted to see more where my dad’s side of the family comes from. A lot of things have changed since then. I think it’s really important to see it. That is this trip.

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I am going to be navigating you through it via this; its kind of like a post backstory, narrating what we did and some of the things we saw mainly because my dad doesn’t like being on camera at all, so you will not see him, and I respect that. I am not going to push my camera on to him when he didn’t want to be posted at all and I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or awkward. So again, I hope you understand that and enjoy this kind of insight. Our first stop was in Bratislava. It is the largest city here in Slovakia, and the capital city of Slovakia. It is about an hour away from Vienna. Very, very close and also on the Danube River. One of the easiest ways to see a city is to walk. I love walking. I walk everywhere when I travel. It just gives you the most time you can explore and gives you a really great perspective Alright, so we are exploring old town Bratislava We are going to look for some food. Yea, historic Slovakian Bratislava. Yea, this is the historic centre Old town. Every European city has an old town. Usually it’s the coolest place. Usually. It is a very old, old town. Hence the name, Old Town. Clever.

Another thing we did is we headed up to the Bratislava Castle. Now we are exploring the Bratislava castle or “Bratislava Hrad” “Hrad”. I am an awful Slovak. I shouldn’t have worn a sweater today. This one had a great view of Bratislava. We really got a chance to take in the old city and the new city at a bird’s eye view. So here in Bratislava, we’ve been using a lot of the public transportation system, because I am not going to drive, yea, I am not going to drive in the city and cabs are really expensive here. One of the things I notices, its kind of odd, see that, this sign is pointed to where you get your tickets. You don’t get your tickets on the bus. You have to go to this station, because you can’t pay for anything on the bus. Like I know some metros and some public transportation that do this But, it’s really annoying. The first time we rode it, we definitely did not pay, because I thought we could pay on the bus, but turns out you can’t. So this is 70 cents, or how do you say cents in Euros? Point 7 Euro. There you go. Now there are two main castles in Bratislava: Bratislava Castle and the Devin Castle. We are exploring Devin Hrad. “Hrad” That castle, right there. It’s about 20 minute bus ride from the main station in Bratislava, so it;s not to bad to get to. We are going to go explore up to the castle. Once we got to Devin Castle it was a very remote castle Very, very cute, quiet, historical ruins, and absolutely beautiful. It’s overlooking the town of Devin and it’s also situated on the Danube river. Castles are meant to fortify territories and locations, so that is why they are always perched up overlooking what then was a trade route. So that is all for Bratislava and we head onward to our next destination in Slovakia, which I am very excited to show you about. You will see that video tomorrow. This is going to be a daily series until we finish. Tomorrow. Thanks for reading. Bye.

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