Best Sunset in the World Oia Santorini

Oh Oh Hey everybody how you guys doing it to the next day, and we decided to come in for a non wedding sunrise photo shoot, I’ll put up some of those photos now for you. Because of course we’re not getting our wedding photo probably for a few more weeks. But at least you can see was that into any look like, and of course go check out our Instagram. So you can see even more of them the air just going to walk around about ten o’clock we’ve been here since about 7:00 a.m. So installations can actually take a while I think we’re going to go home have some breakfast maybe a teensy bit of a nap, and it will go, and show you more essential rating all righty guys couple of hours later, and we’ve decided to come, and eat in a place with fear up which is out of the other major area here. But it still looks.

Best Sunset in the World Oia Santorini Photo Gallery

So busy we just drove past, and like wow okay this is definitely a driftbox we’re going to go find some food, and then head back up to here for the sunset alrighty guys full of pool, and look there buddy well I thought I’ve got something a little bit different today same thing we made all the time we are dancing we do everyday brain we haven’t had one in Santorini yet just allowed right they found like a little food almost open-air food market would you say yeah I want to Crete let’s look out for some crepes clear – skipping straight to dessert from her smoothie she just got for the area is kind of cute just Lauren green all right thing here Jess is currently in a treat yo’self moment three words for you treat yo self treat yourselves inside lament. So this is the third stop number one right are you crazy Christ one Kerry said by three is the honeymoon pretty much thank you so much great great copycat Jettas treat yo’self ended at one crepes had plans to get frozen greek yogurt then did that one bite of the cream i let’s go to ear for the sunset yeah yeah can we get a copy there I think I can fit a cookie yeah literally is that clear just did the best thing in the world she went, and got a copy for the sunset to the walkthrough saying crown as we need a cheers for being in literally the most epic sunset want to wait in time in Santorini next up our apparel I lost.

But we have an epic sunset go on right now let’s show you the timeline guys we’re going to end the post. But literally our Airbnb they live below us, and they just knocked on my door, and I said you have to try some Greek food they’re given us, and like Greek garlic bread with some feta, and some tomatoes like don’t make me wrong made look at thank you we know that they do not to do that the times we are leaving the Airbnb link below you have to say they are really really cute love me yeah good night it’s so Hey everybody, and welcome back to Santorini we’re leaving it we’re done we’re catching the big berry behind us to para which we’ve heard his way more chill than Santorini, and Mykonos though it should be a relaxing few days, and this is the last leg of the trip that clear is coming with us. So trip is going. So quickly accomplishes are leaving in like four days time. But I feel like Ken Santorini catching very is way more chill than in Mykonos hopefully we can just put our bags down sit down, and enjoy the four or five-hour ride Arthur peril census is good compared to the other one oh my goodness the area oh my goodness how could ever how fancy it’s areas like this is a definitely fancy play to travel would anything come on cruise ship for 20 years well thought out there sorry shape like it super fancy, and this darn ups over here, and they’re really tempting me I really want to get one thank you sir oh my god it’s no big tasty even some curry doughnut take care such a nice.

But you can you leave on your family now it is like a fresh air I feel feeding you doughnut right now, I’m eating the pan very well my little nigga garlic Oh God Oh mark if the wedding is over boys welcome to Naxos everyone which is here for a quick stop it looks really nice what you doing out here Paris it is waiting to see where the cornice that could be it. Because it started get few more houses over there. So 9, and that welcome to Paris everyone oh you just got your accommodation clay has already found our best friend hello is it mama mm-hmm one was probably too tired to worry that you picked up her baby you just got to accommodation where we’re going to spending the next three nights I think it is yeah three night here, and this place is so cute is run by just a family does a family-run Greek business it’s called Swiss home hotel, and just look at this place will give you a full proper tour. But I just love these native plants they have here in Greece it just gives it the nice colors is having a bit of pink against the white. So yeah we’ve got some great just hanging from here, I’m sure they make some wine here yes it’s just the entrance hi how are you alrighty seniors to a6 have a look yeah we got a bed that isn’t split up that’s so cute are we going to balcony facing the ocean just is going to love the view look at this we have to watch the sunset wow this is so much more greener than the other two I know it looked at behind you there’s a bit of green on there it is so much greener Mediterranean here it does, I’m glad we did these three islands yeah they’re fine player 3 let’s heal right oh yeah exactly just like oh oh oh God right especially the pool this is not okay today I just want to relax in here, and I love how it should be fair in here it’s so different during this place exactly Mediterranean yeah clay what’s the catch she doesn’t want the dog.

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