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The path goes past the pub, the metalled courtyard actually Houston Subway Map part of your route. Leaving the pub buildings behind, you go forward to a road. Houston Subway Map Turn left onto the road, but very soon, just opposite the Coach House, turn left onto another riverside path. In a little under half a mile you approach a gate, just before which is a path to the right, and you follow this path beside a narrow channel of water. To your right are the lakes and ponds of the Arundel Wildlife and Wetland Trust, with its fine collection of swans, ducks, geese and many migratory birds. The visitor centre and entrance is on Mill Road a short way beyond Swanbourne Lake.

Volney Ferris, had just been sworn in as the new interim sheriff. Little did Ferris, his deputies or the townspeople know, Allegan County was about to be faced with one of its most sensational and horrific murders.

It was a little after 8:00 a.m. when the brutalized body of 58-year old Mrs. Mary Baldwin was discovered on the floor of the old farmhouse. She lay facedown down near the bed. Blood seeped from the ugly gouges in her head forming small, dark crimson pools around her.

She had suffered massive blows to the head including one above the right ear and another directly to her face. When they found her, deep, gasping breaths escaped her lips. It was almost impossible to believe she was still alive. The poor woman died before medical help arrived. Even if medical professionals had arrived sooner it wouldn’t have mattered. The injuries were too extensive for her to have lived.

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