According to a Greek saying, a Cretan’s first loyalty is to his island, his second to his country. Since 3000 BC, Crete has maintained an identity distinct from the rest of Greece, first expressed in the language, script, and architecture of the ancient Minoans. Despite this insular mind-set, residents are friendly to visitors who come to enjoy their island’s inexhaustible trove of mosques, monasteries, mountain villages, gorges, grottoes, and beaches. Crete is divided into four main prefectures: Iraklion, Hania, Rethymno, and Lasithi.


Olympic Airways (2810 288 073) and Air Greece connect Athens to: Sitia (2-3 per week, ‚83) in the east; Iraklion (45min. 13-15 per day, ‚84) in the center; and Hania (4 per day, ‚53) in the west.

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