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The five-star gem that is Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort spreads out along the island’s lush east coast. With its simply chic atmosphere, natural ethos, and friendly staff willing to guide you through an array of activities, this hotel is the perfect spot for a memorable getaway.


As you walk into Long Beach’s spacious lobby, you’re greeted with a cooling towel and a fruity cocktail. After a quick check in, it’s off to find your room in the expanse of the accommodation (255 rooms to be exact!) that makes up the sprawling hotel.

In the Standard Ocean View Room, you’re welcomed with tinkling tunes, the scent of summer citronella, and a delicious platter of nuts and dried fruit. Open the sliding doors onto the private patio and breathe in the ocean air, then fall into a billowy king-size bed. Black-out curtains mean you won’t wake with the first morning light, but the sound of the waves and singing birds will encourage you to start the day early. While you’re padding about in your PJs, relax on the comfy outdoor sofa with a cup of rich Kenyan roast from your own Illy coffee machine, before stepping in to the roomy shower, freshening up with Long Beach’s signature body- and bath products.


Long Beach offers five fabulous places to dine in, so you can mix things up. Buffet breakfast is served in the airy Le Marche restaurant, where you can choose from a hearty English spread of bacon, fried eggs, and mushrooms; or enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt. If you’re already in a holiday mood, try the sinful pancakes with chocolate sauce. This restaurant’s pastry chef is incredible croissants are moreish!

Lunch at Tides beach restaurant will get you in island mode with an array of tasty seafood dishes. Their gourmet pizzas are a fantastic way to stray from seafood cuisine, if you’d prefer. You’ll find hearty Italian fare at the Sapori eatery; Chinese gastronomic delights at Chopsticks; and elegantly simple Japanese dishes at Hasu. A balmy summer night in Mauritius wouldn’t be complete without traditional live sega music – visit Shores bar in the resort’s Piazza area to enjoy the performance, with an aptly-named Perfect Day cocktail in hand. Made with tequila, coco cream and passion fruit, it’s a sure-fire winner.

By taking to the streets in response to British policies and atrocities, ordinary colonials exercised the traditional plebeian belief that each man had the right to life and property, defined as the fruits of his own labor. Zambia Subway Map Following the notions of John Locke, they believed that in return for political loyalty, government had a moral responsibility to provide for the safety, liberty, and well-being of all its subjects. High taxes, they feared, might reduce subjects to the status of debtors, resulting in the loss of their land, and land was the foundation of colonial personal and political independence. Worse, they feared that Parliament consciously meant to reduce them to slavery. To a slaveholding society, such fears were a powerful motivator. Blacks, both free and unfree, experienced daily the harsh reality that their labor could be stolen; their lot reminded whites of the inhumane realities of bondage. Some colonists also viewed their political troubles with England as God’s judgment on them for owning slaves. Many common people, black as well as white, combined a political rhetoric concerned with liberty and property with religious language informed by Christian egalitarianism to propel their own movements for egalitarian civil rights.

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