Okay another morning started with a rush to the airports probably about 45 minutes until we’re supposed to board our flight we’ve just arrived at the check-in counter today we’re flying directly to char gout with C Pacific, it’s actually a brand new flight that just opened up before, you used to have to take like ferries. And connections.

And now life was just so much easier. So.

I’m very excited to go. And see a new place what is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, but it’s so much more than that.

So right now. I’m running on three. And a half hours of sleep.


I wanted to make a full advantage of the incredible upload speed last night because. I’m pretty sure this will not be the case in shark au so. I was making sure to finish up some edits try to upload everywhere.

I could it got a lot done. I’m very happy with that, but. I’m feeling it this morning.

And that’s why I’m so happy to be here Starbucks alright alright now it feels like Christmas here we go let’s get festive hoo ho we got a flight to catch let’s go jakey’s boys it looks like we’re flying a turboprop today gonna be about a 45 to 55 minute flight time Cebu City – shark out and, you know one thing for sure doing pretty neat last ones on the plane last ones off we had the exit aisle on the way here which is nice the extra legroom. And we have least touched down in char go.

I’m worried that this trip here to char gal could be plagued with a bit of storm every now. And then looking at the forecast. And my friend is here you’ll be meeting him in just a bit but.

I’ve been warned that the weather has been a little all over the place trying to keep up Elan they already got self-driving cars on this island try to come on Tesla get it together. So in the world of social media sometimes, you make friendships without actually meeting someone in person. And that’s been the case here with someone.

I’m just supposed to meet now, you actually will not know him, but you’ll know what he’s created because anyone who uses Facebook has come across it this year is subdued oh we should go out that with a bit of, you okay yeah yeah yeah oh now, you look great yeah there we go. So Sam is the founder the creator of job, you team up a lot, you guys have all seen, you in a lot at some point like charlie bit my finger basically every viral post that has ever been on facebook has been through, you know live. And how did we get in touch then we featured one of your we launched another venture.

So we featured one of Christians recent content there. And it blew up. So, it’s like this guy’s pretty switched on when it comes to social media.

So let’s do some work together. And now here we are in the Philippines yeah he figured he’d make a couple day stop somewhere and. So he saw that.

I was in the Philippines. And we kind of planned a trip here to char go. So for the next two three days we’re gonna be exploring around Jamie not gonna stay in a hostel somewhere tonight we want to do that backpacker experience, but today is all about getting on the scooters.

And showing, you one of the key things, you need to see here in Sharjah one of the up-and-coming places in the Philippines how many views, you get a month three to four billion yeah. I mean I get like three to four million so.

I can relate, it’s the same thing. I got a thousand views once no pretty much the saying one of the people he’s actually traveling with is another Sam. I don’t know if he intentionally brought another Sam maybe, it’s just like the ego thing easy to remember yeah pink.

And a helmet, you look like you’re ready to go though dude. I mean I like the color yeah.

So basically just give it a little bit of gas is it, this is your back break. So don’t worry about this one yeah just give it a little bit of gas. And roll forward backwards got it got it right on by the way.

I need to introduce other Sam Sam squared first time in Southeast Asia first time out in the office for a long time that’s good man how’s it been good yeah seven days a week behind his green yeah nice to see the Sun we’re gassing up. And right now we’re in general Luna, this is like the big town of shark ow. I feel excited to be here right now like there’s something about this place.

I can see it, it’s different than anywhere. I’ve been in the Philippines, it’s got a very Bali esque feel to it very laid-back Changu kind of style, you can see yoga places, you can see surf shops everywhere by about 45 minutes later we’ve just arrived here at the last port before we go to Sao Paulo Lagoon, this is del Carmen, but we’re right in the pier area then get some food. I’m really hungry right now.

I’m eating some room-temperature chicken at least, it’s humid because of the temperature outside. I don’t know, this is pretty typical here in the Philippines you’ll see that a lot of time that grills when they have their fresh food, it’s not normally like warm fresh, it’s just like it was prepared today maybe it was like early morning, you don’t really know all right. So we have just gotten ourselves a boat there’s no negotiation involved, it’s just show up with the desk pays sixteen hundred pesos and, you can fit up to six people.

So we’ve got a couple people from the family joining us. And yeah we’re about to hop into this boat thirty minutes to get there welcome we have just arrived here in the lagoon. And the water is like this really beautiful emerald green, it’s quite clear.

So just over here he’s got a giant crate full of these little what are they groper yeah we put our girl firs in jail to back home yeah look at this this is. So cool Thunder. I’ve never seen anything quite like this there’s just a series of lagoons in-between like these mountains.

And the water is such a unique green. So, you need to do one thing a day that scares, you. I’m still not comfortable backflips especially when.

I haven’t warmed up. I would like to just, you know do a nice little soft jump in to get warmed up no that was good no that was amazing oh my god testify lecture, you can do it, you can do it check it out here’s the view from the second floor up above we now have this entire Cabana area to ourselves to be honest once, you get here what, you can do, you can get a bit of food they’ve got snacks here, you can take out a paddleboard, but other than that, you know, you just kind of enjoy the surroundings once you’re done, you head back to town and. I think after an hour.

And a bit we’re pretty much ready to go here. I’ve done my fair share of backflips off the dive salamat equip the by most amount of company how like green it was yeah that was actually very green. I don’t think.

I’ve seen many places that have had water of that color even the lagoon itself like the trees were green the water was green that was the great experience karaoke is a very big part of the Filipino culture. And sometimes they started really early in the day. So we just got back it was easily an hour.

And a half to get there the way back was longer because it was rainy it was dark probably two hours if. I were to guess, but now we’re getting some dinner at a place called Kermit. I’ve heard like three people tell me that, this is the place to come oh my gosh it’s.

So cool laid-back vibes everyone’s just in a good mood it’d be kind of surf town. I like it Sam’s meal probably arrives a good 20 minutes before ours, but Hanks these high foods here. And ready to eat I’m.

So excited and. So on hello how are, you Wonka. So this right here is what five hundred pesos a night gets, you it gets, you access to a really clean nice new building, you get your own bed with a fan it is.

So big oh my gosh oh my gosh, it’s oh my gosh the Slayer of the spiders Laughter Laughter Charlotte one of the cool features of this house, it’s complimentary with the massive tarantula we got a beautiful clean bed separated by a curtain it sounds like we actually the entire room to ourselves there’s three beds in here they’re fan equipped there’s like a beautiful brand new bathroom the reason. I’m showing, you this is. I want to give, you a feel for like what money can do for, you.

And traveling to places like char gaol or, you know pretty much anywhere in the Philippines there’s more places like this but I think, this is definitely on the upward end of value especially with it being brand new and. So clean high ceilings it makes it feel really spacious there’s another hostel we had just come from that was actually fully booked they were even cheaper they were three hundred.

And fifty pesos a night. I don’t know if, it’s like a party hostel or a great social hostel. I can’t make that decision just yet, but that’s another thing you’ll want to check out when you’re deciding on where, you stay some hostels are just for people who come here set their head on the pillow.

And go to sleep. And then there’s other hostels that are literally meant just for partying. And meeting other people.

So, you just have to figure out what your priority is that is the end of today’s post. I hope, you enjoyed it it was bit all over the map, but, it’s great to be here in Sharjah guys if you’re new to my blog my name is Christian hit that comment button right up there if you’re coming to the Philippines let me help, you decide where to go how to travel it. I actually go through whether, you should travel through Cebu Palau.

And basically everything, you need to know and. I’ve got a completely free guide right here click on that little bubble the 5 hot tips to the Philippines it’ll get, you all set up for your trip. And guys let’s get lost again in the next one.

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