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Coldstream Guards. An elite regiment of the British Army. Jakarta Map Tourist Attractions Column. In military terms, a body of troops formed in even ranks, one behind the Jakarta Map Tourist Attractions other. Commonplace book. A personal journal in which quotable passages, literary excerpts, comments, and ideas or events one wishes to remember are recorded.

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The slate lies in 8 metres and about 50 metres out from the Callers reef. Most of the slate is intact and the 7.6 cm-thick slabs are about a metre square. The cargo obviously comes from a sailing vessel but nothing at all of that remains. There is no doubt that this could be a profitable project for some enterprising club willing to put a bit of hard graft into their diving. Visibility is usually fairly good, but currents are very strong on the ebb tide because it sweeps around the steep wall of the reef and runs through the channel between the two Callers islets. At bottom of the tide, on the flood, this area is fairly sheltered until the water washes over the reef top, so this would be the best time to do any salvaging. At this site lie the skeletal remains of an old steamer, most probably that of the Norwegian steamer Skovdal. The Skovdal was wrecked on the Crumstone Rock on 27 January 1917, while on a voyage from Middlesbrough to Skien with a cargo of salt. Nothing is known about her crew or if they survived.

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