My god oh my god, you guys those are all parkas hey guys look there’s a lamp of.

I me oh and. I think he was. I think no way Abby Stacey.

So we’re gonna check out the pee sock ruins today up on the top of the mountain the bus is left. And we’re going on a hike down mountain which. I do not know about.

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And. I’m wearing flip-flops costing about how they were really good at making walls, but not. So the Sun if the castles perfect beam of light, you have to push the brick that’s where all the treasure comes out that’s role of treasure comes out.

I am holding, you to that but I want treasure. I’ve already pushed every brick.

I will not be continuing along the inca path because. I do not bring proper footwear i’ll just walk back to the bus that’s what we’re going to me yes oh yeah we know what it is. We’ll find out later.

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