Welcome to my evening hotel routine, this is basically what happens when.

I come back to my hotel room after a day full of adventures. And traveling I’d take my shoes off. And, it’s great first things first.

I wash my hands the world is kind of bit dirty at times. And washing hands first step towards cleanliness then, it’s first time where. I go through all the little bits.


And bobs that. I’ve accumulated. And connect to the Wi-Fi hustle.

And of course. I will be posting an Instagram photo, it’s probably the first thing. I do is post up a lovely photo from my day for, you guys I’ll then take a look at my schedule if.

I was at an event or if. I’m probably. And just make sure that.

I’m not missing anything next thing is footage dumping, this is basically the dumping of all my camera’s all the different SD cards that. I film throughout the day. I put it all on my external hard drive.

And upload it all. And then. I clear my cards.

And then. I put my cards away or back in my camera if. I know that.

I would be filming the next day. And then. I also put my external hard drive away.

And now, it’s computer time yay. And all that fun bookkeeping jazz now since this night is actually a flyout night meaning that. I’m taking a flight tomorrow.

I am going to check in online because, it’s less of 24 hours before my flight. I could check it online next thing. I do is go through my emails and.

I will do more emails. And lots of other emails and. I will keep doing that or anything else that needs to get done everything needs to be written if.

I’m responding to comments on blog or if. I’m just checking up on the news. I kind of just do all that to lie pretty much paso or.

I’m ready to pass out. I don’t actually want to pass out yet because there’s still lots of needs to be done still now like. I said because.

I am leaving for the airport tomorrow. And. I’m actually checking out of the hotel.

I will start up the process of packing my bags away now first thing. I’m going to do is. I’m going to lay out my outfit that.

I’m going to wear tomorrow so. I pad that all plans and. I that aside then

I put aside my pajamas. And my night where. I make sure to grab any kind of clothing that.

I’ve hung up in the closet. And then. I will pack all of that away as well next I’ll move on to all my electronics all my camera gear make sure all that’s packed away as well as my purse.

And I’ll put that by the door then. I do a bit of tidying up around my hotel room making sure. I put all of the garbage kind of away as well as any leftover food that.

I’ve consumed out of the night before or during the day just, you know just a little bit of respectfulness for the housekeeper’s. And now it is bathroom time. And time to wash all of the day’s adventures then guck away first I’ll use a makeup remover.

And I’ll remove all my eye makeup or any other type of makeup then. I put on my face. And then I’ll move on to just a simple face wash.

And then drama face. And then. I move on to moisturizing where I’ll just moisturize everything because hotels are dry the world is a dry place.

I’m cities are probably a little bit more dry tropical areas not as much dry that, it’s teeth-brushing because fresh breath is always a winning situation. And last. I put in my retainer and.

I do wear a retainer. So after. I’ve done washing my face.

And kind of used all the toiletries that only for the night. I will start packing up all of my other toiletries that. I’m not going to be needing first thing in the morning.

And if. I do need a first thing in the morning then. I make sure that, it’s just easily accessible.

And in one spots just. So, it’s not all over the bathroom. And then, it’s pajama time.

And I’ll change it in pajamas which are generally longer pajamas because. I get really cold for easily. And then I’ll pack away all the rest of the clothes that.

I was wearing for the day in my suitcase I’ll that make sure to lock the door because safety first kids then, it’s time for the ABCs of travel vlogging always be charging so. I plug in all my electronics that. I’m gonna need for the day including my camera if.

I’m going to be using my camera for the day and. So those are all going to be a hundred percent battery when I wake up in the morning then, it’s phone.

And snapchat time which is literally my favorite thing to do at night is just to go on snapchat. And one push out all my snaps that. I sent for the day.

And to check your guys’s snaps because they are hilarious what, you said to me it’s so good. And then just watch my stories.

And I’ll do that until. I’m just about right to bed. And I’ll set my alarms all three alarms.

I always we set three alarms then I’ll have a quick drink of water because again hotels are dry. I will moisturize my hands. And I’ll moisturize my lips.

And then. I’m ready for bed and. I will wake up to the sweet sounds of three alarm clocks well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my nighttime hotel routine goodnight. ?

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