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About half a mile from Prinsted, and shortly before you Kolkata Map get going on the Chidham peninsula, there is an opportunity to visit Nutbourne. In the Middle Kolkata Map Ages there was a busy port here, and some centuries later it was recognised as a busy and important agricultural community. It is recorded that there was a mill at Nutbourne as far back as 1086, and that a tide mill was built here towards the end of the seventeenth century, standing on an embankment at the north-eastern ear of the inlet named Thorney Channel.

Even today, if you look closely, you can make out the remains of the hard where barges used to come up to load and unload at the mill. The mid-nineteenth-century miller was a versatile chap in that he also did business as a coal merchant. Towards the end of the nineteenth century attempts were made, as at Thorney, to reclaim some of the drowned land; the mill pond was drained, and the mill closed.

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